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Well we learned that we could get automatics and everything will work, but then I won't know what to do with my left foot.
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Originally Posted by markgws6 View Post
I find it amusing and funny that in so many years of R&D and engineering research, they cannot make of find a high performance tranny that shifts smoothly, even for 400+HP cars. I drove a Viper maybe 5 years ago and I remembered it shifted smooth at low speed but I did not get to drive it fast. I had a 68 GTO 350HP with a Muncie M21 in it and it shifted almost exactly the same as my 2013 (and that car had probably 300K miles on the tranny or more.) Did we never learn anything in all of those years??
I agree. It seems as if manufacturers have forgotten how to make a smooth shifting transmission. The newer cars are getting worse rather than better.
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Anyone heard of or tried this "Anti-Venom" mod? Essentially, you are shimming out the shift detent bolt to make the detent spring softer, which translates to smoother shifting. It originated from a mod for the T56, but seems to show promise for the TR6060 as well. It's very popular with the Vettes and Challengers. Here it is on the Vette forum:
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I read about the detent mod but could not find the bolt on the tremec. I even had the car on a lift and could not find it.
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It's there. Way up top on the passenger side in front of the shifter. It threads in horizontally.
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So I broke down and convinced the local dealer to disassemble and inspect my transmission. My specific complaints were excessive noise when the clutch was engaged at idle, second gear grind. They replaced a crap load of bearings for which I was privy to seeing the input shaft bearing outer race which had scratches all the way around the bearing surface. Upon return, I am happy to say that the transmission shifts much better and the ridiculous slapping noise I forgot to mention to them is no longer present. If you still have a warranty I suggest you [convince them / let them] do the work. The transmissions are obviously not assembled to spec by the manufacturer.

I will admit, there is still a notchy feeling to it to some degree especially cold, but a marked improvement none the less and certainly a very noticeable reduction in noise.
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Tremec TR6060 1LE ISSUES!

I put in a Monster Clutch after my pedal wouldn't rise any longer post track day at Sonoma Raceway. Imagine prying the clutch pedal from the floor with your foot so you could shift in the hills of San Francisco! That was not fun.

I also put in Monster's metal throw out bearing sleeve.

This setup seems to take even more of a beating and it makes the same noise as factory. It's a bit of a steep learning curve to get used to it but then pretty darn smooth. People who drive my car have a hard time at first.

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"Our easiest clutch to drive that will hold a stout 700 rwhp, and be abused without mercy! This clutch is a fantastic unit that comes complete with all hardware and a billet steel flywheel. The LT1-S has been tested to in excess of 7,500 rpm’s without release issues and can be driven by a 100 lbs person easily. Great for the guys with n/a setups or power adders looking to daily drive their cars or take them to the track, this setup will do it all. *Absolutely no chatter is to be expected of this unit, it will drive factory smooth!"

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