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Ride On!!!!
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Round tail lights rule. Reminds me of when I was young
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What was this thread about? Cause if it's about tail lights then I should kill it with fire.
I am seriously never serious vv V vv Next order of business
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2cnd chance
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Originally Posted by Cheveey57 View Post
FYI mr. Wise ass I pay cash for everything and my morgage is paid. Not everyone lives check to check. Enjoy paying that loan for 5 years. Lol
You've been at this for over a a Z/28 and change the rear to a 2013 and move on!
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2cnd chance
Too Many Great Choices
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Originally Posted by maddoggyusa View Post
I think a better explanation is trans am racing support was withdrawn and smog emissions hit hard after 1970.

I don't buy this slash story. I could make up some similar story that the 63-67 Sting Ray is super special because it's two words... and the later 68-75 and current Stingrays are crap It was just some market people's decision... then people make up special stories afterwards.

To me the original Z28 was a nice handling car with decent power for a small block, but it was no ZL1 or Yenko. When you think of 60's cars, when was the last time you heard "I really want a 302!!!" It's a gem of an engine but everybody loves the big blocks. I think there are several better GM small blocks put in corvettes... early LT1's, 327 fuelies.

I really think the current ZL1 should be the top dog... and the Z28 should be a lightweight handling package with some extra power (basically a 1LE with 25 extra HP) for maybe $5k or so extra. Not a $40k option.
I agree the "/" was convenient, however why not use it to their advantage to market the car? It makes total sense from a marketing standpoint to me as it has been taken back to its Trans Am roots (the reason the Z/28 was created).
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Splitter washers, jack pd

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Originally Posted by Bulldog3071 View Post
went to a local dealer this weekend to ask what their allocation was for the Z they won't know for a couple more weeks said I could put down a deposit. The new tail lights look so bad on all the Camaros what were the guys at Chevy thing I wonder if they will go back to the previous ones?
I am amazed they changed the tail lights on the 14s the tail lights on the older ones made the car.
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I know tail lights have nothing to do with this thread. I figure I'd jump on the bandwagon anyways. Personally, I like them! Enough to dish everything I have done to the car (carbon fiber trunk, spoiler, diffuser) and start over with a 2014 carbon fiber trunk, spoiler, diffuser and bumper, lights, etc.... not a cheap proposition BTW.

Personally if I was so hung up on the tail lights, I's just customize a 2014 bumper to use the 10-13 lights. Problem solved. is offline   Reply With Quote
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Even with the wicker bill, stick on wheel well flares, hideous splitter, and not so bad tail lights. All functional with a purpose.
I still WANT ONE!!!!!
It's a track car NOT a show car.
Buy it and take it to track days, and kick your buddy's butts!
PS the Z/28 emblems would add weight, and add more drag. Am I wrong?
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Runs with scissors...
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Tail lights? I guess this is important since my pals at the track will be seeing a lot of them -- and the wickerbill on the spoiler, as well. To paraphrase Christopher Walken, "I gotta fever -- and the only prescription is... MORE WICKERBILL!!!"...

IMHO, nobody's gonna see the front all that much -- except in their rear-view mirrors as I'm coming up to lap them. Not that people don't have the right to dislike tail lamps and wickerbill -- but does anyone with a legitimate order for a Z/28 really care about this? Enquiring minds really do want to know...
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honor first
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Originally Posted by Angrybird 12 View Post
Here we go again...
lol @ that image, you can probably use it about 3 times a day here, with how much people go at it on tail lights. saved for future use.
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Number 3
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So the 67 to 69 tail light change made that car unsaleable as well?
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Guys really tail lights is why you you dont want the car? really, if GM told me today i can have the car by Friday with out Tail Light at all, i will take the car and fix some thing up, its a tail light it has no extra horse power over the older ones, so what does it mater, its so easy if you dont like it dont buy the car.
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Chad's ZL1
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Originally Posted by Cheveey57 View Post
The more See this car the madder I get. If it wasn't for those tail lights, this would already be ordered or in my garage. To bad they didn't make it a year earlier.
I thought the same thing, but after having them, they really grow on you. And I don't have to break these ones open to put the afterburners in. ........although someone may come up with something cool to put in them and I may bite!
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