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What are the best replacement headlights for LS

I recently got a 2012 camaro LS and am wanting to add the colorshift halos to it, unfortunately I have the standard LS headlights. I was wondering what the best halo headlight replacements for around 400 dollars that would be compatible with the color shift 2.0 halos. Thank you in advance.

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I think the GM headlights are the best looking but that's a lot of money considering you want to do the color shift halos. I've heard that the oracle halos from AAC won't fit with some of the other aftermarket headlights, so be careful with that. Outside of OEM I think Anzo's look pretty good. You can always put halos in non-projector headlights which looks kinda cool in it's own way. And, going this route you can order headlights from AAC and have them install the halos for you. Seems like the easiest route, though like you I do want projectors.

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Diode Dynamics

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We have OEM quality replacement headlight assemblies available and we offer several Angel eye options.

Feel free to PM me or call us if you need more information: (314) 205-3033

Nick C.
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if you are doing color shift, search the threads & just add a projector &the halo to your factory lights yourself? like this
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you can read through my build thread if you want...but i will not recommend going with AAC halos anymore. i've now had two different halo problems with them in under a year (and my car is only a weekend driver, so not a lot of time on these lights). the first time, yes, they did honor their warranty, but took over two months to send me a replacement. and now i've got the second halo having problems, but i just don't want to deal with opening my headlights again for a halo with 3 red LEDs that won't light, to send off to a company that might take forever to send me another again.
also, i'm sad to say, i've had some experiences with opening aftermarket headlights. if you're doing anything like my idea, you'll want to pull off the reflector after you open the light. it seems that the aftermarket lights make the adjuster screw of something weaker than OEM, because the two aftermarket ones broke on me very easily, while the three OEM lights i've opened did not.

in other words, find OEM lights to open and use a halo kit other than AAC, or install aftermarket lights with halos in them already, is my recommendation from painful and expensive experience.

edit: forgot to say - if you are planning on an HID retrofit, it's a great idea, and i can't say enough GOOD things about the guys over at
Build thread linked in the pic...

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Drives: 2013 2SS/1LE, 2004 Cavalier
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also, you can find OEM halogen lights for under $200, but it's becoming harder. the RS lights are still well above the $400 mentioned
Build thread linked in the pic...

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Smokey jr.
Drives: 2011 inferno orange camaro
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I kept my halogens and did a little improvising with the halos and reflector...remember HID and Leds do not get along...the halos cannot take the heat that hids give off...Don from extremeledsonline helped out he will give you great advice...check my photo album
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Old 11-08-2016, 05:58 PM   #8
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Can anyone give me advice on fixing this problem?
What replacement headlights can I use for my 2011 ss with factory hids. They're a bit expensive for me right now.
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Old 11-11-2016, 01:38 AM   #9
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Headlight choices

I've also been shopping halo/projectors for a few months and have found that oem RS are $300.00 and up, used, on ebay and Craig's. But they'd usually a story that goes with them or a broken/repaired tab quite often. Refurbished are available various places for around $400.00 and have various warranties. To go with the real deal from GM they're about $900.00 each. Also, with the 2010 the entire front bumper cover must be removed. Be very careful with your selections and good luck.
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+1 for the retrofit source! I've had them on my last 5 cars and on my camaro and love them!!
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