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Originally Posted by StreetSS View Post
Thanks for calling me names. Nice. Also, I did not say I would trash talk a company. I said it's my call whether to give them another chance or move on. Stubborn and arrogant is refusing to believe that some people or businesses in this world don't care about doing the right thing. If everyone was, I wouldn't have a job that supports getting billions back to people that have been taken advantage of by others. Also, to clarify, my posts are directly in response to your general comment and have nothing to do with JRE. As I recall, haven't you often argued with vendors on this site and the other with which you have never purchased products from? How is that fair?
BTW, if you don't mind telling me, what is your S/N over on the other site? You can send me a PM and tell me if you want. I totally understand if you'd rather not share that info.
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I can only speak from my experience.
Bought CIA and headers off of JRE.
Ran them first and then bought the SCT tuner and Ted sent over the Tune he had logged.
After the tune, car pulled so much better.
Then I went down for the 100 RWHP 91 tune package and Dyno.
Ted emailed me the results. I called him back later and he put it back on the dyno for a 93 tune same day. Yes I paid for it, well worth every penny.
Love the package and work. Put about 2000 miles on and I'm extremely happy with it.
I'm heading back down for the cam package in May.
What from what I have experienced, great customer service, great work.

I have a business and its been around for 57 years, I have been at it for 40 years. It is always nice when something goes wrong or a customer is unhappy, that we get the chance to fix this. That is all we ask for. It works 99% of the time when the customer gives us the opportunity. That is why it's been 57 years.
I think JRE or any company always wants the opportunity to communicate and fix any problems.
Yes there are many great companies out there, its about finding one that your happy with and building a relationship that keeps you coming back for more.
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Originally Posted by BlaqWhole View Post
BTW, if you don't mind telling me, what is your S/N over on the other site? You can send me a PM and tell me if you want. I totally understand if you'd rather not share that info.
I use the same name. Honestly, I typically try to give polite feedback as my first choice and follow your methods. But I have also dealt with some people (like contractors that left with my money and did not complete the job) that I have determined that it is best to move on w/o any more effort on my part. For others, like the company that built my pool, every interaction was horrific. Lots of lies and deceit. It took 2 seasons for them to complete the items on the final inspection punch list. But the investment was so high I just stuck it out. I wrote them two nice pages of constructive feedback, contacted the ceo (who was very apologetic) and still got nowhere in the end. Like most situations the correct answer depends. So I guess on that particular day, I got a little charged up on the one-size-fits all approach.
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Originally Posted by tekteq View Post
Ted tuned my L99 remotely with the SCT, absolutely no complaints thus far! Day and night difference from stock, plus the price he quoted me for the tune was FAR less than other reputable tuners. There's no doubt that somewhere along the line, one out of Ted's thousand remote tunes has had problems and I'm sure he addressed it. Don't bash on people based on what you hear from others. If you have legitimate complaints on a product YOU purchased, hit him up yourself, I'm sure he will solve the problem.

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