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Get a room.
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Let me tell you my thought process. When I bought my SS new, didn't even know of a ZL1 otherwise I probably would have waited, but I didn't...

I was at the point where I thought exactly what you thought. Trade or mod the SS.
When I would have traded mine, I probably would have gotten 30k for my SS and a ZL1 would be at least 55k at the time, a 25k difference.

For that amount you can change a lot on your SS and you can have a lot fun doing it, at least I did. You can see what I have done to mine and I am at less than 15k. Mine now has more Hp than a stock ZL1, but for sure mine doesn't handle like a ZL1, but if I want that, there is money left to do it. But mine is a fun daily driver not a race car, therefore I don't need that.
If you want everything done and immediately the full package, trade in. If you want some fun along the way, mod the SS. It really comes down to what you want to get and what you want to spend...
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Originally Posted by Mr. Nasty View Post
Where is BMP? And let me know if it the 27th.
Bradenton Motorsports Park. It is Sept 27th. We usually get a whole bunch of Camaros, Mustangs, Challengers and CTSvs. for more info.
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Originally Posted by PJS45TH View Post
Pros and cons? I want more power but sure if its worth going down the aftermarket road vs trading in the SS. What was your decision process?

What's the price difference? $

If we are only talking about supercharging and not the magnetic ride suspension, different rims, and exterior pieces..

I can tell it cost about 7,000 for the kit and 1000.00 for install plus 400 to 500 for a tune..

Later on you will need the Zl1 pump, and injectors.. so I would cover my but have that done initially so when you want to add boost or other updrades your not out 800.00 for injectors or pump price and labor.

So work a deal to get bigger injectors now so u don't waste money with 56 or 52 the kit comes with.. the injectors are pretty close in price so might as well think ahead and not pay double.. just ask for the bigger injectors now
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