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Originally Posted by maddoggyusa View Post
do they even put in pure synthetic? I bet they put in the dexos stuff as full synthetic isn't required on these cars.
They will at my dealership if you ask for it, they will just charge extra for it.
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Software Guy
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Originally Posted by B-_-RAD View Post
It is claimed to be able to calculate it by temperature, driving habits etc. I don't buy it.
WHY? I ask because since day 1 or owing my 2000 Trans Am Firehawk I have followed the oil life monitor. It varies depending on my driving ect. 1 year it went off twice in 6K miles (I had been out drag racing & SCCA), usually it's about 5500 or so. I think the only downfall is it does not take into account the length of time on that car but on the new ones with OnStar it does (well it did in my Saab and my Silverado) but you have to activate and keep OnStar. They won't know it sat on a lot for so long so that is the ONLY drawback I can see.

The oil life monitor has been around for a long time on GM vehicles, the dealers just ignored it and still said 3K miles which with today's engines and oil, there is just no reason to change it so often. If you are that worried, send out a sample for testing.

FWIW, and it is a totally different wife's Prius is every 10K with full synthetic oil. 70K miles an no issues. I'm betting we will hit 150K miles with no issues (it's barely 4)

My .03 worth.
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Start and stop it a whole bunch of times and it will get to 15% faster.
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I don't have one on the Camaro, I have a maintenance plan on my 2013 Acura though and the dealer changes the oil every 3000 miles even though the oil monitor says like 70%. I only change it every 3k cause its free lol I think it def go 7500 miles plus.
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I work at a Chevrolet dealership in the service department and we have the policy that every 2014 gets 4 free services and we will do them whenever the owner wants. We advise them on the first service visit that they only get four free so if they want to burn them all right away and do it every 3 months they can or they can spread them out over two years, it's there choice.

The average person doesn't read the owners manual and they don't check the oil level as directed, every time you get gas, so to avoid any problems we advised doing a service every 5,000 miles or six months to avoid any problems, regardless of what the oil life monitor says, a real joke if you ask me.

I'd find another dealership that is a little more flexible.

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