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Ok W've throttled the guy enough...

Don't go to his web site and give him the hits he's looking for...
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Originally Posted by Hylton View Post
Re-read what you just quoted of me......where did I mention anything about positive or negative? It's about accuracy!!!! Maybe you think that's irrelevant these days when doing a review.
Was just questioning the reoccuring events that happen on this board. I think everyone is open for criticism.
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Originally Posted by S8ER01Z View Post
Was just questioning the reoccuring events that happen on this board. I think everyone is open for criticism.
What reoccuring events might you be talking about specifically?
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I am calling you out. You need to go to car show that the 2010 Camaro's are at. Hear what the people are saying, Not some sorry magazine say's. When I looked at the Camaro, it was based on performance that is greater to a mustang. A Mustang only has a motor of 4.6L. Not enough power for me. Plus I had a Mustang, it don't handle as good as the 2010 Camaro. Better, look to see everything that the Camaro has to offer. Offer more power, bigger powerplant. Didn't Ford steal the idea of the front end of the Mustang from GM for the Camaro??? I already had a Mustang tell me that he said that Ford likes stealing idea's.
Well, go look and study the Camaro, The Camaro will own you.

Originally Posted by banovsky View Post
…please don't get me wrong, it's wonderful that people are still passionate about cars. And Camaro owners are some of the most passionate out there. But when I review a vehicle, it's from an objective standpoint, despite the amount of flowery language I'll use.

As such, Motor Trend came to many of the conclusions that I did. Including the Mazda Miata being rated a better sports car.

I'll be testing a Camaro SS soon, after having driven one briefly two weeks ago at the GM proving grounds. Don't worry, I won't mention headroom or trunk space ever again.

Cheers, M!
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If i said what i think of you review i will get band for life, So you have a right to your Review and i have the right to ignore it.
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Originally Posted by Tripp777 View Post
I have a Mazdaspeed Miata with about 240 hp, a 90 Monster Miata that will smoke your Camaro and mine. And a 2010 black SS RS. They handle great, stop on a dime, accelerate like a beast and I still have time to have sex with my female wife on a regular
but its still a miata, i don't care how fast it is. thats the point we are making here. and whats this with the 'have time to have sex with my female wife', sounds like you are trying a lil too hard to compensate for something with that statement buddy...
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