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Talking dealer information question's!!

These are some answers to some of your question's you have about dealer info and what is said to you about the camaro buying bull.

1. the dealerships don't know more about the camaro then we do , consumers find out more info on models unless the auto is a dealer special.
2.if a dealer says mark-up then find out what your state says is the limit of mark-up on pricing , the gov't has laws about price gauging limits.
2b.paying big money down does not get you into it right away , 2009 is over 2 yrs away and you might be unable to pay for the car by then. some dealers will tell you that you are a sucker for outting money for so far away investments ,especially when their is no set pricing for the car yet. and your money is not always refundable. sales people will tell you everything they can to get sales but its not in stone until the finance papers are signed saying the payments are yours.
4. Get one good dealership and keep up with them by either phone, e-mail or going by and talking to them every so often about new info and keep them up to terms with your needs , be honest with them and you will probably find good sales people with a desire to help you on your camaro decisions( its your life, buy what you want, and not what is the request of others).
5. A good dealership will not be shifty to you and will say if they don't know about your requests then either they will research it and let you know asap or will call other dealers they know about the subject>

I have bought so many cars that the dealerships that I go to call me about new cars that are in my interests and I use the same sales person and know the finance people very well and they know I will contact my lawyer if i am considering a financial decision that requires legal action.( i won't be lied to about a big purchase like a car or home when it will hurt me in the long run.)

also don't think the cars are going to be so out of your range that you have to be first in line, remember the early bird might get the worm , but the worm might be full of bugs, too!

just some info that might dampen the worries of this awesome car.
(and no I am not a car salesman or finance person)
And the camaro said there Is a better way, for I am the way, the route, & the RIDE!!!

My first car was a 72 ss
I've owned 9 camaro's over the yrs...:
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sounds like my dad. lol. except he was there at the dealer for his new sky like every other day. I'm afraid the more info I get and if they tell me it will be out in 08 I'll be there more and more often. I should have enough money put back and the car I'm paying on now paid off by 09 and hopefully I can sale my other car to someone that wants a classic to fix up for a show/drag car. if I get those I'll have more then enough money to get the top model. god i can't wait. . .please god let all to chickens hatch.
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