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Oui, Ja, Si
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Originally Posted by Scotty D View Post
I drive my 1LE daily!! Just want to have fun on the highways, stop light fun and spirited driving .. So ,u guys think Twins are for me ?
Warning though first it's like cool I have 550 then it's like I need more, more!!!! I say, then the next thing your at 800 and before you know your like blake b with a monster that scares small children and animals lol
Cai intake and a few other mods😎
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Originally Posted by Little Walter View Post
Guys please educate me and tell me why is so much effort being put into turboing these cars to run 1/8 and 1/4 mile times when several supercharged cars like modified ZL1's and CTS-V's are doing quicker 60 ft 1/8 mile and 1/4 times with less horsepower? This is a sincere question really want to be educated on this, I know the 1/2 mile is a different story.
There is actually a lot to consider here. Most of it is not apples to apples comparisons. A lot of those cars that are running better times have converter's tires suspension etc. You look at dyno numbers on the turbo cars but most of those guys arent running that psi anywhere but the Dyno. The supercharged guys that's what they run all the time. Most of the turbo guys here are stock everything else and manuals. Manuals and stock converters are HORRIBLE for turbos. Whats so good about turbo's is the touch of a button can change your entire car a supercharger if you run meth you always need it but turbo you can turn it down and not need it. I love pd blowers and moderate builds they are honestly easier and a solid choice but versatility, fun, and ability to go further id say turbo. Its kinda like who cares that superchargers say their faster at 600hp press the button 4 times u got another 80-100 hp. I dont care if it takes 100 more hp to beat another car if its so easy to just make that 100 extra hp. As long as u got enough fuel system. I would ride in a solid turbo car if i were you. Not taking anything away from superchargers cause i love my maggy on my truck
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