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Convertibles are fun aren't they? Too bad your Vette only seats 2.
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Whoever makes post #500 will go down in forum History.
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Originally Posted by meadowz06 View Post
Really? Do you really know anything about a Corvette? Apparently not.
Great, another moron
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Originally Posted by SSinisterLS3 View Post
I only found one new, in stock, base C6 for sale within 200 miles of my address using Autotrader to search all dealerships. There may not be a high demand according to some, but they are not in stock.....anywhere....when these places all had ZL1s in stock.....
That's funny...I just did a search on and found 55 new base model C6s within a 250 mile radius of downtown Houston. And I've owned a Corvette for 4 years and NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON has ever waved at
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Just saw this one... nice swap out to the vette. I drool over them all the time but never pulled the trigger. Should be a lot of fun.

I wave at Camaros and Vettes all the time, we have a few guys in our club that have Vettes now, but they still come hang out. You're welcome anytime..
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Originally Posted by meadowz06 View Post
In the STRICT definition, it is not a sports car, it is a GT car. A sports car is a car with 2 seats. A Camaro is a Grand Touring car because it seats more than 2. Both are fine cars. But the Corvette is much lighter, thus having a superior power to weight ratio. I love the Camaro. I owned 2. 95 Z28 and a 2001 SS.
NOW THAT'S FUNNY. I don't even care. Just stuck my head in to see the continued ridiculousness of this thread. Amazingly I found the one person who has finally been able to truly define the universal difference between sports cars, Gt's, muscle cars, pony cars, and monster trucks. I was lost and now I am found because up until this point I have basically looked over a lot of the internet, many a article, many a automotive television show and have yet to find these true definitions coming exactly the same from more than one automotive authoriy. I'm so glad you cleared that up for me. I can sleep better now.
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Jersey Jeff
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A Wave???

Originally Posted by SSinisterLS3 View Post
After much deliberation, I decided to get rid of my beloved “green mile.” My 2011 2SS/RS LS3 just had to go. I’ve been asked at work why I got rid of it. The reasons are simple, unaddressed, and repetitive. So, as I was asked one hour ago, name 3 reasons you got rid of it. Here goes. I believe everyone should give a car like this respect when it is let go. I will, but feel others need to know why.

The number one reason why I got rid of it is the paint. Every wash. I MEAN EVERY WASH, there was another place flaking/chipping/peeling and scratching. I went to try to switch to a high rise spoiler. COULDN’T! Know why? The ENTIRE underside of my spoiler had peeled off. Yup. Down to the metal. Wow. Someone forked out 40 grand for this when they bought it. I only paid 26 out the door used. If I was the guy who paid 40, I would be tossing stuff around my front porch and constantly on the phone with GM. The paint absolutely ruins this car. It was designed to look good, and without paint, nothing looks good. Moving on.

Number two. Popularity. Down here in Texas, these things are like ants. I put green stripes on my black car just to try to look different. Well, it worked….for a little while. Then I realized that is why there are so many modded ones. This is a car you keep buying things for to TRY to make yourself happy. It works for a little while, then the car is just….boring again. There was a professional review that docked the Camaro because the style is its biggest asset, but biggest enemy. You buy one to stand out. When there are so many that you don’t stand out, you are left with a mediocre performing car that should be doing better for what it is. I didn’t say that, a professional did.

Number three is the people. Every Camaro owner I see on the street DOES NOT WAVE. They do not do anything except hammer it, and start weaving through traffic at 100 plus, hoping you will chase them. Umm, no. Go ahead. I can’t count how many times that has happened, and next time I see them is on the shoulder. Red and blues. Then we get to read about it on here about how the cop was a douche, the driver is innocent, and lots of people chime in about money (like cops work on commission or something). Car shows are the exact same. “Why didn’t you buy a ZL1?” Is all I heard. Hmm, let’s not get into that argument, because we all know how much I hate the ZL1.

It’s not being biased when you own one and are experiencing the same setup, just less. The crowd is just stupid. At a raceway, my brother took his 03 Cobra against one. The guy red lighted just to TRY to get ahead, and STILL lost by 3 cars. That happened a lot that night, and embarrassed me. People red light just to look cool going down the track, which, we experienced racers, are laughing at you on the inside. Just because you take pics of your GTECH telling you you went 12.5 does not mean you went 12.5.

Final thought. The Camaro is overpriced. 66,000 for a ZL1 coupe? A ZL1 couldn't touch this vette, or really, a majority of them which are incentived to less! REALLY? You HAVE to be kidding me GM. I’ve been screwed before, but at least they have a truck called a Ram so I was ready for it. My Dodge caliber had better paint quality than the Camaro. My 2000 Z28 is STILL shining. See it all the time. So they put restrictions on you. Wahhh. Cry me a river. If I gave you billions, I’d put restrictions on how you make paint too.

Onto the real spot light. After looking around at all cars, I wound up with the ONLY car that GM has created that has always worked. You have to go to Britain to find a bad review on it. I went with this Corvette. Just to prove my point, this is a 2007. Looks like it just rolled out the show room. Not even a SCRATCH on this thing. Seriously, I looked for thirty minutes straight. Wasn’t the vette….painted….with the same….paint as the Camaro? When is the last time you saw a vette peeling two years after being made? Umm, never. It’s called ATTENTION to detail. The Camaro is being rushed out because of the high demand, and the consumers are paying the price. It was either this or a viper RT/10 since I found this baby for a steal. My insurance DROPPED 46 bucks A MONTH on this. REALLY? I love it. It looks better, its faster, cleaner, and draws more attention. Not to mention, I have seen multiple corvettes on the road ranging from early 90s to brand new grand sports. ALL…..have waved back. Every one of them. I even went to a corvette meet…on accident…on my patrol bike. I just so happened to drop in for a minute. More of an older crowd, but all very nice, and even offered me gatorades while I was out riding. It’s a great car that Chevrolet got right. The weight difference is crazy from the vette to the Camaro. I feel like my Camaro was crawling in comparison to the corvette. I’m still a GM guy at heart, and this corvette is proof of why. This is an absolutely stunning car, and I am very happy with it. I even have it inside of the garage since the Camaro….slept outside since the paint sucked anyway. The corvette is beautiful. There truly is an *** for every seat, but this one is mine. I was very disappointed with the Camaro and hope the next generation is better. Right now as it sits, I pay the same for this 07 vette (per month, insurance included) than I was for my SS. The vette just turned 30k miles also. My Camaro had 38k. So, officially, I say adios, sayanora, and let the fleur de lis fly proudly.
You're ego must be weak if you need someone to wave at you. REALLY?

Jeff x 2
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Originally Posted by Comrando View Post
I don't have a sport car.

I have a Super Sport car
Okay, ok; I know where my Camaro is now! In my driveway!

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Originally Posted by Angrybird 12 View Post
Anyone that owns a true sports car would argue with that statement.

Webster's dictionary defines it as:

Main Entry: sports car
Function: noun
Date: 1928
: a low small usually 2-passenger automobile designed for quick response, easy maneuverability, and high-speed driving

USUALLY...just because it has a back seat, doesn't mean it's not a sports car. It fits every other point in that definition. I just think if you say the Camaro isn't a sports car, you shouldn't be allowed in the argument.
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The number one reason I would get rid of my Camaro is having an unexpected addition to the family of 4. But even then the backseat folds down.
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Back in a V8 ;)
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This has turned into one big circlejerk lol
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Originally Posted by plus1zero View Post
This has turned into one big circlejerk lol


"Silly Americans, taking from the rich and giving to the poor only works in fairy tales. Success is earned here!".
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