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On my matte stripes I put brilliant glaze on first then applied a coat of super VRT. I used the Adams sponge block applying super VRT till coverage was even then I took all the excess off. I must note I was amazed at how much dirt (contamination) was remaining on my stripe after two washes and one of the washes was even a strip wash with Adams APC and car wash. The brilliant glaze brought up so much contamination that my towel was brown on the spots I used to rub the glaze off with. I must admit that I do have more dust on my stripes now after using VRT. I thing UV protection for the stripe is a even trade off though.
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Thanks for talking about the matte stripe. I've never had a car with a matte stripe, so I was worrying about how to clean it properly. The baby's due for a wash this weekend.
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Just to revisit my earlier post, I followed his video and liked the results...

I used the "Fine Machine Polish" Then followed it up with "SVRT" I like the way it looks. Kind of satin...
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So I back to the question to Adams rep. What to use on matte strips and under the grill stock matte black without sling or dust build up. I've seen the products on tv. You wear gloves wipe it on and off and that's it. Not a product that needs reapplying. Thanks guys for all the input. I love knowledge.
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Adam's Polishes

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The video posted above is how we recommend caring for vinyl stripes using our products. Revive or Fine Machine Polish for correction of light swirls/scratches, then Brilliant Glaze and/or SuperVRT to treat/dress them, depending on the look you like.

I'm not going to recommend any of the "As seen on TV" products out there. Some people use them and love them, and some people have had less-than-ideal results.

You Camaro guys make up a sizable chunk of our SVRT and Brilliant Glaze sales caring for the matte stripes, and for good reason. If the product didn't work as well as we say it does, I don't think we'd sell nearly as much of it.

Place an order if you are interested in trying our products out. If you aren't happy with them, our 110% money back guarantee is always in effect!

A d a m s P o l i s h e s . c o m
use the code CAMARO5 CAMARO6 or CORVETTE for 10% off your next order
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