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Nitrous in a V6 Automatic? Someone please School me.

Hi guys I'm deciding between getting a 2LT vs 2SS(please lets not get started on that topic) and if I get the V6 I will probably be putting Nitrous in it in about a year or two. So I would really like a good lesson on the magic gas. I know how it works and most of the basics what I want to know is how bad would it be two do say a 100 shot 5-10 times a year and is it even doable on a automatic? Also can you go over your top speed on nitrous? And when would you use it, as in what speed? Now most importantly would this destroy my engine even if I got all the best safety gear? I know I probably sound like a dumbass and I definitely am when it comes to nitrous. But that's why I hear to learn so any help would really be appreciated.
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slick rick
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Get the V8 (1SS)
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Try here or just wait until the thread gets moved.
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Yes it's doable on the automatic. The fastest v6 on the planet is an automatic and sprays a 125 shot. You can't go over the limiter even with nitrous but since your considering a 2LT, they already come with a speed limiter of 155 which you won't reach anyway. If done right, it is perfectly safe.

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honestly, if you've never ran nitrous... buy a older car and put it on it 1st... I love nitrous, but i've ran it on a few cars... and even with experience things CAN go wrong, even little things like fuel pooling up in the throttle body with it can lead to bad things(ask me how I know, lmao)... I WOULD NOT put it on a brand new car with no prior experience with it... people are going to say "don't worry about it" but I am telling you, you can install the purge, the window switches, and every other safety measure available on the market... I still see $150k drag cars go up spraying it almost every race day

that is not to scare you, because i'd say the same when doing a head/cam swap there is a CHANCE something will go wrong... same with a blower or turbo... basically, if this is your 1st car modding... build up to forced induction, don't start with it... forced induction can be a headache no matter WHAT route you take

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Uhhh. Get the SS. It will be more reliable. Plus, you can say "Its a V8" and feel like a:

Dont run nitrous in a daily driver brah. if your racing, do it... do it alot..
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wrong thread
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Thanks for the advice guys, I was kind of on the edge with doing it all along but I think I'm just going to steer away from nitrous all together. For Now!!!
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