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Old 06-04-2017, 08:45 AM   #29
that guy <--------
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Originally Posted by SquawkVFR View Post
This must really be your first sports car. Most of us are desensitized to the foolishness from the years and years of being challenged by morons and most of us have been the fools creating the foolishness (but will never admit to it). You just have to smile and ignore them and drive on.

However. When opportunity meets motivation...
I had a turbo 1.8 audi A4 ff auto manual shift cabriolet before the Camaro
had 1 sports car before

and it was abysmal. ride to stiff only took 91 MPG was bad
it was cheaper to pay payments on the Camaro then the gas bill on the Audi lol
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that guy <--------
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Drives: 2012 camaro V6 LS M6
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Originally Posted by BlaqWhole View Post
I find the thought process with every car is this...if a car is beneath you and wants to race, then they are A-holes. If a car is above you and doesn't wanna race, then "they probably don't wanna lose to a less expensive car and feel bad about their purchase"...or they "are just posers who don't know how to race". No offense to OP or anyone else on here. But me personally, I love racing and I welcome all opportunities to do so regardless of what it is. But look at it like this, if that was a guy in a nice C7 Vette egging you on, nobody would be upset about it. On the contrast, if you were egging on a nice C7 Vette, he'd be over on the C7 forums talking about how some guy in a Camaro was revving his engine at him and yada yada. V6, V8, Mustang, Camaro, Vette, Viper, these cars all attract attention and a specific response. You have to expect that from people. So you know what? Enjoy the attention and have fun with the car. Or just give the guy a thumbs up and go your way. I wouldn't be upset about it at all.
if a c7 did goat me in to a race id probably wait for a nice canyon road to pop up. the one I always go to, at night highway patrol has deemed it as a enter at your own risk area because they don't have the people to send over there.
im not a drag racing fan when it comes to participating in one.
I have spent a few times at auto cross events set up in stadium parking lots but not much past that. I enjoy corners and grip
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Had an episode myself yesterday with a guy and I'm guessing his daughter in a late model Mustang GT convertible on the highway when I was heading to the grocery store. Long story short, he rips past me from behind while I was just cruising along, so I had to see how my new tune from DynoSteve worked out After all was said and done, he pulls up again (from behind, again and both of them continually try taunting me to run again, somewhere else away from the highway. They wouldn't let up, waving their arms at me and shooting their mouths off, to the point where it just got annoying ! Then the young girl shakes her head at me in disappointment, they pull off into a parking lot and go the opposite way. I gave them the thumbs up and complimented their car, I just don't get it why they couldn't do the same and admit it they lost. I'm not into street racing, it was just my first time for an opportunity to see how my car goes against a comparable car, and what better than a Mustang. Anyway, it's over and done with, but there's a huge car show this weekend, and I'm certain they will be there. Should be an interesting weekend
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Had a young guy in a Mustang revving his engine at me wanting to race the other day. Followed me into a gas station to tell me his car to tell me it runs 11.6's....doubt it. Told him I don't street race anymore.

I had a friend who lost nearing everything for being found negligent in a car accident that killed a family man in his 20's. Yes they both had insurance, but that doesn't stop a civil case from the grieving family. They even got half of her government pension even thou she was months away from retirement. If you have done well in life, you just have to much to loose, street racing is not worth the risks.
Buttonwillow 2:23.736
Sacramento Raceway 12.89 at 112 mph
Thunderhill 2:22.242
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Old 08-13-2017, 08:25 AM   #33
Account not blocked
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I had a garbage truck pull up next to me at a light and started revving his engine while driving my 69
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Old 08-13-2017, 10:54 AM   #34
Dr feelgood
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I auctually had a big white Kenworth with lots of bling and no trailer on at the time rev me at a light. He took off from the light hard I was impressed how quickly the guy shifted as I just paced him in the next lane...he had it going pretty good to the next light anyway. He turned left onto the freeway on ramp and gave me a blast of the horn. The guy in a mininvan beside me was laughing. He said " he almost had you". We both had a good laugh as traffic moved out. Could be the oddest vs situation ive read an Camaro 5.

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