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Life Is Short Enjoy It!
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Originally Posted by Schlok View Post
Agreed! Tire will help a lot. If that's not enough maybe it is the wrong car. I don't mean this as a flame of the OP.
Nor should it be - the Z/28 is a great car, but made for the road course and some street. If you are on the street more the Gen 6 SS or ZL1 are super nice options.

i rented a Gen 6 SS on a recent trip form Hertz as it popped up for only $20 per day more. It was a vert and had the magna ride suspension - I was super impressed with the overall ride, the handling and how fast it was. It was all the car you really ever need for the street. I was surprised how fast the SS really is!~

There are so many great options out there and each has its own niche - find what is right for you.

I would not chase suspension changes - street tires like Michelin MPS's will help. Don't spend a bunch of money changing suspension changes, that could go towards an alternate car. If tires don't do it, I would consider an alternate car to keep the wife happy - Happy Wife - Happy Life!
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I'm probably one of the few that actually enjoys the way the Z/28 bucks around; absolutely dig it.

...but, good luck with your search for a softer ride
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I've driven two Z/28's back to back with the only difference being tires. Trefeos on one, Bridestone RE-11's on the other. The tires are a huge knob for changing ride harshness. Try the RE-11's, I don't think you're u will be disappointed, and won't need the shock change. It will take the edge off for sure.
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Originally Posted by Raven87 View Post
I'm just wondering if anyone has ever changed out their DSSVs and even their springs to something that is a little less harsh for street use? I do not track my car and while I can live with the harsh ride, my wife cannot.

I know that if you are going to track the car on a road course you want the DSSVs - no doubt about that. But on the street the ride can be brutal, especially on a concrete surface.

So before anyone says that I should get rid of the Z/28 and buy something else that is not part of the equation. IF I were to do this - and it is a big if - it is because I love everything else about the Z and especially the LS7. I would keep all the factory original parts for the next owner IF I do end up changing them out. They will not be for sale so please don't ask.

Tire-wise, I am definitely going to something else than the Trofeo's but am still considering those options. I will probably do all three at the same time or at least the tires first.

I'm only considering changing the shocks and possibly the springs; this is not set in stone yet. Has anyone done this and if so, what did you change the parts to? Are you satisfied with the results?

I did search but couldn't find anything along this topic. Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions (other than telling me to sell the Z and get a different car).
Changing the tires alone to something like michelin pilot super sports is a huge difference over the Trofeos. I would try swapping the tires first.
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I have Michelin pilot super sports on my car and love them. The ride is night and day different from my Trofeos. I agree with others here and would start with tires first. There are some good suggestions here. You just need to find the best one for your driving style. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by z28monster View Post
I'm probably one of the few that actually enjoys the way the Z/28 bucks around; absolutely dig it.

...but, good luck with your search for a softer ride
Me too brother! It's part of the "soul" of the car but to each his own I guess.
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Like others have said - tires make a huge difference. My experience...

Conti DWs - excellent winter tire (caught in snow twice unexpectedly and had zero issues), ok track tire (watch outside edge wear and don't over drive the tire!) and great rain / wet weather tire. With track alignment car felt squishy but I got used to it fast.

Trofeos - very sticky, paint destroyer, trams, noisy, firm but gods gift of grip on track

R888R (295) - noisy, somewhat of paint destroy, does not tram, firmer then Trofeo, sticky on track till it's not.

If your shopping based on price point, I think the Kuhmo PS91s might be your best bet ATM unless the Conti's come back at 178 a tire. As others have said the ride is materially different on tires so I'd try that first before suspension. If you want a 200 tread wear tire I believe the RE-11 is supposed to offer great road manners with excellent grip. Never tried it but on my list.
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C'mon- really?
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Thanks guys. I will definitely change the tires and then see how it goes. I really love the LS7 and everything else about the car.

Yes, I knew it was a race car and I have no problem as it is for me. But if I want her to ride with me, I need to soften it up a bit.

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