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If you're sticking with a 20inch wheel I highly recommend a Goodyear F1 Supercar 3 285/30/20 on a 10 or 10.5inch wheel. They are quite a bit less expensive than the Michelins and in my opinion a better tire on the track. They aren't as good in the rain as the Michelin but still fine as long as you still have tread. The Supercar 3 is what is on the new 2017 SS 1LE and it's a great tire.
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Here's a Tire Rack test of 3 of the top new Max Performance Summer tires.
Continental ExtremeContact Sport, Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, Pirelli P Zero PZ4. In warm conditions, a Max Performance Summer tire will almost always perform better than an All Season tire in the rain, so don't equate Summer tire with dry.

The next category up, Extreme Performance Summer reviews, from 2016. Don't compare directly to the Max Performance review. They may have used a different car. They all seem to have less tread grooves than the Max Summer tires, so wet performance will probably be lower in heavy rain conditions, but still plenty safe.

If you're doing that much driving just to get to the track, I wouldn't bother with the Competition level tires. May as well throw money out the window as you wear off tire just getting there.

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Just wonderful information guys, I greatly appreciate it all and feel like I have a path to take. I feel like 20x10's all around is what I want. Will I have any rubbing issues with the 285/30's with the lowered 2010?

I also take it that no one has run Vreds like I do on the track. It's a pretty popular tire on the track in Europe and I will probably see how they stack up with the Michelin PS4S or Supercar 3's. I feel like I have burnt a whole in the internet with so much searching and reading over the past weeks. You guys have been a huge help in pointing me in directions to help me make a decision that will be most beneficial to us and our plans for next year.

I do feel like if I had a more competition type tire, I would wear it out traveling all over before I really had some track time. We do want to get to the track more next year than we did this year, but I also know that 'life/work' gets in the way a lot also. But I feel better going with something that we will enjoy ALL the time, no matter where we are, what we are doing with the car, or how much difficult weather tries to slow us down.
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Rubbing depends on rim/offset. 285 aint nothing as long as the person picking the offset knows what he's doing, lowered or not. I would aim for at least a 295 but a 305 on a 19" is optimal. Just have it pushed out so you can add a lot of camber and I'd highly recommend camber plates, it would fit with your track plus street desires. A jack and an allen wrench gets you a track setting which will greatly extend tire life. These pigs need camber.
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I use 325s' square on a 19X10.75 +15 wheel with maximum camber and I haven't found anything that works better yet. I don't have camber plates, but I would definitely advise the use of plates so that you can really get the most for your money.
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