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Originally Posted by 2013 ZL1 #7860 View Post
If the car was unmodified, then how did the dealer know the car was "tracked"? Some things should just go unsaid... "I am bringing in my ss/1le today because of transmission issues to be fixed under the warranty. Here are my service records." Nothing else has to be said...

Legally the warranty can't be voided due to the dealer or GM suspecting it was raced. They must prove it was raced to be voided under the warranty limitations set by GM's warranty policy OR that it has been modified which directly caused the issue. It simply is the law. The dealer can say what they want and most people don't put up a fight but the law is the law and in the end (although with more money in lawyers than it is worth) the law will set things straight.

If you walk into the dealer and tell them it was raced (regardless of any advertising then you voided your own warranty as per. the GM warranty terms). Just because the car was advertised as being track ready or capable doesn't mean they will warranty it or even have to warranty it for track use. (In fact the warranty spells this out in simple words).

I suspect we are not hearing the whole story here. There must be other facts about the dealer or the owner that we have not been told.

No factory warranty should be required to keep your "race" car in working order and substitute for your repair and maintenance budget and/or serve as a free pit crew... What is fair is fair, and that just isn't it (despite many people doing this very thing).

Not sure how the corporate bashing is relevant to this topic but it sure is popular with people these days in the political world...

Hope your friend can get things worked out and I wish him the best of luck!

What you said. Drop the car off at the dealer and hand them the keys. If the car is stock, they should fix it without issue.
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Mr. Wyndham
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Originally Posted by Synergy SATX View Post
All fine and good. Until the Dealer says no and you have to the deal with them. And that is the problem. It lies between dealers and Chevy and the dealers are not all in line with this. That is what was told some of us in discussion at the Fest. They advised the 1le guy to make a customer complaint and he should see action. They vent told him to mention names and the discussion held at the Fest. I am no longer upset with Chevy rather it is a dealer to dealer ordeal. Thanks for everyone's feedback.
That's exactly right. The only thing I think Chevy kinda dropped the ball on was/is ensuring dealers are informed, and that customers have a clear "appeals" process if they have to deal with an uninformed service department.
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Originally Posted by SGOS252382 View Post
What you said. Drop the car off at the dealer and hand them the keys. If the car is stock, they should fix it without issue.
I would think so! Not sure we are hearing the whole story in this case.
"nothing is perfect and most things will need to be fixed at some point"
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I am a lawyer and have had some experience with dealers suspecting me of doing things to and with my previous non-GM car(s) that would have violated the warranty. One time, the dealer flew an engineer in from Germany to inspect my vehicle; he could find no concrete evidence to support their suspicions. Although my service profile may have been "flagged" in their computer system, there was no interruption in warranty coverage.

What we should all take away from this thread is that people should limit the amount of information given when a car is taken for service, if that information could lead to issues with warranty.

Some people even remove their license plates before entering events (in case someone is out there with a camera) and avoid posting too much information on forums like this and/or you-tube...
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