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Are you talking about getting it dipped in a carbon H20 wrap or wrapped in real carbon fiber ? because if its dipped a grand is about 2 1/2 times the price of having it dipped,if your talking about having a carbon part re wrap in carbon,thats cool ,but why? are you wanting the whole thing to stay completely carbon ? if thats the case could the paint just not be removed and then clear coated and polished ?
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I call it Vera
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Originally Posted by gen=5 View Post
well the fact that its a convertible there is NO under pan is the one thing your forgetting. IF the hood opening is not there it should not cause any over heating issues as the whole bottom of the car is open on a vert,thats why its only rated to 153mph...I looked into why there was no under pan on my car when i wanted to run it at the texas mile..Compare the underside of a ss to a ZL1 vert.A vert ZL1 has more bracing etc & there is the part that helps direct air under the car in the front ,but not to carry air past the drive train & under the car and to the rear.Also if this is done a small opening in the hood can be left behind the clear ZR1 to let air out if it becomes a issue..The air is directed through the front,then radiator ,etc..It will hit the closed hood then exit through the underside around the engine like any other car...including the 100's with a complete ZL1 front added on for the look.I was at a party at FASTLANE in houston yesterday and there was a Camaro that fastlane had already molded a insert in,not just purchased a pre made hood and painted it..FASTLANE has already done this 3 times on a Camaro that I know of not including a bunch of vettes.I will post some pics of the underside of my ZL1 vert,and the camaro parked next to my car that had it done already...its hard to see the clear hood as my son is standing in front of it,but if you zoom in and look next to his right arm you can see the clear ZR1 type of hood..FASTLANE has also done this on a 69 vert vett they installed a complete drive train from a ZR1 in plus the interior as well. Its the under pan that traps the air inside the engine compartment,that was one of the reason for the opening in the hood,as per GM..enjoy the big grim from my son he enjoyed holding the keys to my ZL1 like he had the keys to every fast car,
Stupid question on my part. Why is the underpan so valuable?
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Originally Posted by I call it Vera View Post
Stupid question on my part. Why is the underpan so valuable?
It smooths out the airflow under the car to reduce turbulence and drag.
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My insert is removed and on it's way to G3 Composites to be wrapped with carbon fiber and then clear coated. Now I can work on getting other parts removed and sent down to Fastlane.
Build Thread: 2013 ZL1 Vert Delivered (Overpar73)
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