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Originally Posted by blazzin1 View Post
If you look on pg. 21 of this link (select print model option and then hit the "print" button), RPO VK3 is a front license plate bracket that says it is "included" and only available on cars shipping to states with a front license plate requirement. So, as far as I can understand this, if your state legally requires a front license plate, it should come from the factory with the bracket already installed. Am I wrong???

It will definately come with the bracket in required states.

It will be in the trunk. If you don't want it installed, tell your salesperson clearly.

Once they put holes in the front fascia, there's no going back. Tell them to leave the dealer emblem off the back too.
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In AR we don't need front plates. I think the bracket is free but you will want to order one and leave it uninstalled.

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If you're supposed to have one up front and you don't, all you've done is give a cop an excuse to pull you over. It's not like they can't pull you over for whatever reason they want to anyway, but now you've given 'em a legitmate excuse.

I've been pulled over more times than I can tell ya's, and HONESTLY, I wasn't doing anything wrong (those times)...didn't get any citations though, just inconvenienced!

So while it's all up to the individual officer, the worst ones are the guys that just came out of the academy. I almost think that they want a high speed pursuit so badly, that when they see a car that could get up and run quickly if it wanted to, they feel what the heck...let's light 'em up and see?! But it's only the younger ones. Once they get a little maturity under their seat belts, the last thing they want to do is risk their lives any more than they do every day anyway just being a peace officer. (Just hope the guy isn't a huge Ford fan with a genuine hatred of anything GM!!!)

If you do get pulled over, just be polite and cooperate. They've got a thankless job! Usually, the only good people they encounter in the course of a day are people who are having the worst days of their lives. Most of the time they're dealing with the dregs of society. God bless and protect 'em!

Oh, by the way, I'm leaving my front plate off until they make me put it on. These Camaro's are just too gorgeous to put that huge pimple smack dab on it's chin!!!
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lots of states require a front plate, though, there are usually provisions that state that if the front of the vehicle's bumper is at such an angle that a plate would look awkward than a plate is not required, the state of washington includes that provision I know.. also I live in vegas now, no front plate law in effect in Nevada at all

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no front tag law in SC. but if it were better beleive I would comply (Respect the law) Hats off to u (Tag ur it):flag2:
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Maryland requires it. I was stopped for not having one; $55.
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