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LED Crazy
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Manual on the go with your Apple devices

I am very excited to get my new Camaro.. While I am waiting.. I decided to download the manual off of Chevy's website in order to read it. However.. I don't take my computer to very many places. My solution? Put it on my iPhone and my iPad! I recently did it because I was bored, but now that I think about it.. It's a great backup just incase something were to happen to my paperback manual when I get my car.. Plus you take your phone everywhere with you.. Wouldn't it make sense to carry a back up or a digital copy of your baby's manual with you at all times? I believe it would! Plus.. Who cares about some old style paperback manual? Impress your fellow car enthusiasts and fellow Camaro family members and show them your digital manual on your iPad, iPod touch, and or iPhone! I bet they will be impressed and want to be able to have what you posses. Btw I also put the General Motors parts guide on my iPad too . Besides the coolness factor, you may ask yourself "why is this a better overall solution to have my manual and or even the parts manual on my iPad, iPhone, and or iPod touch?" With that question I reply back with several different answers.

1) Instantly search for a specific area/topic your looking for in your manual by using the search option in iBooks. This allows you to find and locate anything in the manual instantly in seconds. I bet your paperback manual can't do that!

2) Bigger font. Easier to read for individuals with glasses and for those who can't see really well.

3) Zoom capabilities. On your manual there are some specific pages where you can't make out what it looks like or what it says. Zooming comes in perfectly here!

4) You can look at several pages at a time. This way you can easily navigate in your manual without getting lost.

5) Bookmark where you left off. No one likes a bunch of yellow paper sticking out of their manual in their glove box. Use your iDevice and get rid of that yellow marking crap! Plus if you want to select specific pages and study them.. You can bookmark them and easily get to them with no problem.

6) Last, but not least.... It's freaking cool!

After explaining all these cool little features.. It comes down to.. How do you do it?! Well.. First off.. You can't go anywhere unless your up to date on your software on your Apple device, latest version of iTunes, and up to date on the latest version of iBooks. You may ask yourself.. "how the heck do I get iBooks?". Well.. Go into iTunes on your computer OR go into the app store on your Apple device and search for the app called "iBooks" (its made by Apple). Then download it to your device (yes it's free). Before you proceed with any more steps.. Check for updates first! Moving on... I can't speak 100% for my Camaro5 Windows users because I don't use a Windows machine, but I can do my best to help you out. Now for my Mac users out there.. This should be a walk in the park. Weather or not your a Windows user or a Mac user.. Both will have to download the manual on Chevys website. Link provided ( Make sure you select the year of your car first! In the top left hand corner you should be able to change the year weather you have a 2010 or 2011. Next locate the ONLY sexy car on the website (pictured on the site). Then where it says view owners manual you right click on that and it should bring up a separate window to the side. It should say something like "download linked file" (at least that is what it says on a Mac). From this step.. Mac and Windows users go their separate ways.


After you download the file (depending on which OS (operating system) your running) your going to want to know where it ended up. I am using the latest version of Snow Leopard on my machine for instance. Therefore my digital manual will appear in the downloads folder in my finder. Next your going to want to open up iTunes. After you open up iTunes, pull up the finder window right next to it. This way you can simply click and drag the digital manual .pdf over to iTunes and drop it in the top left hand corner of iTunes where it says "books". When you do so it should highlight the area as your dragging the pdf over it. Next go into the books category on iTunes and locate your manual. It should be pretty easy to spot (if you don't have a ton of books in your library). If it's in there you are almost set! Next.. Connect your Apple device to your Mac. It should automatically put you on the page of your device and it should start to sync. Most of you won't have books syncing on default. So.. At the top you should see a lot of different tabs.. Locate the one that says "books", then click on it. Finally check mark sync books and it should automatically sync all your books and the pdf once you hit "sync" and or "apply" at the bottom right hand corner. What's next? Go into iBooks and locate your manual and enjoy!


I am not fluent to where your internet downloads go besides the desktop. I hate to say it, but your on your own to find where your pdf went. Anyone is welcome to fill me in on how and where this is done. After you locate the file.. It's pretty much a straight even road for you. Click and drag the file into iTunes and follow the steps I provided for the Mac users. You should be the same considering iTunes runs the same on both a Mac and Windows in this instance.

I hope you all find this useful and get your manual on your iPad. Remember! You can do this with not only your manual, but also the parts guide and anything else you can think of. If your about to pick up your Camaro or about to buy one.. How cool would it be to show off to the dealer and the sales individuals how much you love that car by showing them that you already posses the manual... And you put it on your Apple device! Oh and make sure you show them the cool tricks you can do with it too. I know I will be doing this when I go to purchase my car. It'll show them how serious I am about this car. I bet they will drool in jealousy. If they ask about how you did it.. Tell them that if they give you a certain discount.. You would be more than willing to show them how to do it for them. Just a thought

If you own any of the three Apple devices I highly recommend you to proceed and get you a digital copy on your Apple device.
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I did this the day I got the car! I use iBooks on my iTouch to store important pdf's for school, so it came natural to store the manual in there as well. It comes in handy when you use the search feature!
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Thanks, just downloaded the manual and the free application.
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