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Old 06-23-2007, 12:10 AM   #1
Gotta love this shit!
Drives: 1981 Camaro Z28
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New to the site, not new to Camaro!

Hey guys, just found your site when I was checking the latest and greatest on the new Camaro. There's a lot of good info here,... especially the news on our favorite car getting the LS3. AND the possibility of a roots blower,.... I get excited in places I won't mention,....

Well I'm 25 y.o., currently serving in the Navy. I've been enlisted for almost 8 years now,.. but I count it as 12 more to go. This summer my ship is going overseas for the big 6 month cruise,... and the wife and I have already agreed that all of the extra money I earn is going to the new Camaro. I'm hoping for a T-top model, blue with white racing stripes, black leather interior, and that ever important console mounted shifter.

A little history,.. I've been a fan of 60s and up muscle cars since I was a little boy. Didn't help much my father has owned 'Cudas, Chargers, Camaros, even a real sweet Road Runner. When I was about 3, he took a photo of me inside the frame of his '69 Camaro that he was restoring. Sorry to say that car had to find another home, but several years later he finally got his hands on a beautiful, and I mean beautiful '69 Z28. We're talking MINT, with the original 302DZ block, all matching numbers, and it lives in a climate controlled garage.

I on the other hand,.. was able to get a real nice Camaro from the same year as my birth, an '81 Z28. She has been a love-n-hate relationship from the start, but after many years of cursing, blood, sweat, and tears, I still have her. Not nearly as nice as when I first bought her, but being a sea going Sailor, my time is limited between work and my wife and three children. Now for the good stuff,...

Couple years back I bought a new GM crate motor, and beefed it up some. Fuel and air is a Holley 670 electronic secondary carb, followed by a nice Holley high-rise aluminum intake. The last of my Holley items is their hi-flo mech. fuel pump (can't think of the GPH right now). An Edelbrock gear drive for accurate timing, MSD ignition system (6AL box, pro-billet distro, Blast Master 3 coil), and Dynomax ceramic coated full length headers, bolted up to dual 40-series flowmasters and turn downs. The only other non-engine mod I did at that time were compitition Engineering traction bars.

She pretty well stayed like that for years. Then I moved to a new duty station to find my next door neighbor an import guy. Not a ricer mind you,.. but a down to earth guy that just decided to play import instead of domestic. He has 90s Nissan 240 with a modded to hell SR20 motor. I won't brag about his ride too much here, but the man pulls honest 11-12s. So I decided to start getting back to modding mine.

I bought a B&M transpak, swapped the gears to 3.73s, and finally got rid of that limited slip BS. Ya gotta lay both tracks I always say. I also bought Lunati's new (at the time) voodoo cam, with 280 adverse duration, and .525 lift. At that time I also dreamt of putting in a 3k stally, but disaster struck. I was in such a damn hurry to get the new cam in, I didn't remove the pass. head correctly and snapped a head bolt flush with the block. After several attempts myself, then professional help, it was decided the block was totally F'd. This was less than 1/2 a year ago, so you can imagine I'm still quite upset. See? Love-n-hate as always. I'll get her back on the road as I should, but like I said above,.. all my money is being saved for a new one.

Here is a pic of her when I first bought her,... I'd show something more current, but a 200+ pound deer decided it didn't like the way my front end looked. (Now that's something that does still hurt,.. and rehab just isn't cutting it.) Note the front end isn't a true Z28 nose,... the person I bought it from also had a deer incident.

Alright,.. enough of this little novel I decided to leave for you all to read.
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Welcome, nice to have you aboard. No pun intended…
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Old 06-23-2007, 12:29 AM   #3
Truth Enforcer
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lookin nice! you can check out for parts for 2nd gens
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But not all people were born awesome like you, Spike.
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Gotta love this shit!
Drives: 1981 Camaro Z28
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Jacksonville, FL
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Yeah,.. I've been a member of Nastyz28 since 2001. But thanks for the advise none the less!
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Welcome. I think all F-bodies are love-hate with their owners.
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Old 06-24-2007, 03:43 PM   #6
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LOVE the Z28!!! Welcome to the site!
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Old 06-25-2007, 03:46 PM   #7
Go Rays!
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Originally Posted by AFSNightrod View Post
Welcome. I think all F-bodies are love-hate with their owners.
QFT (quoted for truth).

I just got out of the Navy. What's your rate/NEC? I was an AEGIS Display FC1 with 8.5 years. Stationed in Norfolk for most of that, finished up instructing at "C"-school.
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Old 06-25-2007, 08:57 PM   #8
Gotta love this shit!
Drives: 1981 Camaro Z28
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Posts: 183
I am a CTA2 (cryptologic tech). I'm currently at 7 years, and now stationed on my first boat. 1st duty station was Georgia, then Maryland, and now Florida. I just can't leave the day east coast! But at least we'll be hitting Greece and Italy on our cruise. That should be awesome!
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