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New 2015 z/28 Pricing Question (or pre-owned)


New to the forum (coming over from the other side of the Chevrolet family) and looking for some thoughts on a possible purchase of a left over 2015 z/28. I am working with a few dealers and they are willing to sell for between $55,500 and $57k (plus tax only). I've also noticed a few used 2015s with 2-3k miles for between $49k and $52k. I keep hearing of new 2015s for low $50k's, but I have yet to find one at this price. In the interest of being fair, I have found a few dealers that will not go below $70k or even MSRP too.

Any thoughts on where a new 2015 z/28 price should be? Or what I should be pushing for? Any friend of the forum dealers looking to move their leftover z/28?

Also, a bit more guessing / seeing the future question - I am thinking after 1 year of ownership if I purchase at $55k the depreciation will take the car to $44k (assuming 20% depreciation), but is that an aggressive enough depreciation given the Camaro resale, and that this one will get about 7k miles per year, and new generation 2017s already out? This is where I am almost thinking a pre-owned is a "smarter" choice...

Really appreciate any thoughts!


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If you post this in the Z/28 section you'll get more attention. The prices your getting now on new cars is the bottom. There are very few that bought in the low $50's and personally I would like to see some paperwork to believe it. $54-55k was the bottom in Nov and in April when GM ran 20% off.

Your choices are fairly simple. If you want new and 'untouched' you make a deal in the mid to upper $50's. If you want to be a whole lot closer to the upper $40's you buy used. If you can afford a very low mile used one that has not been beat on I would go that route.

I think once these cars all gone the prices will level off and hold at $40k. It's a misunderstood car that will be sought after once it's realized. With less than 1800 cars built the good cars will be few and far between in 20 years.
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