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Originally Posted by blueforza View Post
IN NEWSDAY (NY) on 01-04-09 paper in the automotive section there was a small article in summary it stated the Camaro convertable has been delayed for 6mo as well as for the challenger. I guess this is old news but it was in todays paper.
Challenger convertible is dead in the water.

Camaro convertible...
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Our Camaro convert better just be delayed...
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We all better hope the V6 sells like hotcakes because the V8 is just going to be for us enthusiasts, purists, and those with more money than brains.

Mark did the PC thing in that article by boasting about the "considerable" amount of V6 orders, even though in reality 8 out of 10 of the initial orders are for V8s.
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Originally Posted by StarkyLuv View Post
Who gives a crap if most ordered are V6 or V8? What does it matter?
Matters plenty. Any one who is interested in the sustainability of the Camaro better give a crap. After the initial thirst for SS models is sated, it's the sale of the V6 models that will determine how well the car competes against the competition.

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I am also an "Enthusiast" and I am getting a V-6 2LT/RS. I am doing this for a few reasons. I have a 1987 Camaro RS that I purchased back in March 1987, at the time it was sold and advertised as the "California Special." I also had a 1972 Camaro that had the front bumper that did not cover the very front of the grill. My 1987 Camaro had 1/4 mile on it when I test drove it and I got it from Lamp Chevrolet in National City, Ca. I have had this car for nearly 22 years and it will be 22 years old when I pick up my new Camaro. My 1987 Camaro RS has the 2.8 liter V-6 and this is rated at 135 hp and it is also Red. All of my friends and family call this car "Walt's Baby" for how I have taken care of this car. It now has 253,870.0 miles on it and the engine has only had regular maitenance on it. I am getting the New Camaro as a 2LT/RS, the color is RJT and the I am getting it this way to match my 1987 Camaro. Also the badging on a 1SS or 2SS with the RS package says SS in even if you get the RS package, and I do know that when you do get the RS package on a SS, the SS is red. So to get a true Camaro RS, I am getting the 2LT/RS.

Walt B.
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If its ordered through a dealer and built by Chevy, its a TRUE RS regardless if its also an SS!
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Originally Posted by TheCaptain View Post
Hardcore, you would want to go for as much of everything as you can. Having the *sorry* lower model engine, isn't quite hardcore...


hardcore (comparative more hardcore, superlative most hardcore)

1. Having an extreme dedication to a certain activity; diehard.

He's a hardcore gamer.

2. (slang) Particularly intense; thrillingly dangerous or erratic; desirably violent in appearance; pleasing or "cool" due to intensity or danger.

That show was ****in hardcore, dude.

3. Resistant to change.
So, If you are that much of a Hardcore fan, why aren't you waiting for a convertible Z28 to be the "Ultimate Hardcore Camaro Fan" ? I was happy with my 1st Gen '69 Camaro "basic model" and my dedication to this vehicle should not be questioned only because I did not order a 2 SS RS with everything available on the list. A 2 LT RS Camaro was what I wanted. I can afford whatever I want. I've had Roadrunners and Mustangs and Camaros. I'm returning to the first car I bought on my own in high school in 1973. Please don't question my Hardcore desire for this car or I would not have bought it. I never have thought an SS buyer was overcompensating for their purchase. I thought that all of us here we celebrating the return of such a great vehicle, not bashing one another only because we ordered a different model than you did.
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