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DIY: Make Your Own Hash Marks

This DIY will walk you through making your own Hash Marks. For illustration purposes, I'm using thick
construction paper instead of actual 3M vinyl. And keep in mind since I already have hash marks on my
car, you kind of have to use your imagination when looking at the photos.

Name:  2004 Ninja 250R Craigslist 003.jpg
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Name:  Camaro Hash Marks.jpg
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3M vinyl is available by the foot in 24" wide sections on eBay - it's very cheap, about $10 (compared to $60 or
more to order a set). Buy 2 feet so you'll have a 24"x24" sheet of your choice of vinyl. Other supplies you'll
need: A long straight edge or yard stick, a 12" ruler, a tape measure, some 1" wide masking tape, a spray
bottle of water with a few drops of dishwashing soap in it, a sharp razor knife/box cutter, a large 12" French
Curve (available at most office supply stores alone or in a 3pc set), a decal or tint squeegee , a flat work
surface you can cut the decals on and a 5th Gen Camaro.

1. Trim the bottom 5" off the sheet of vinyl so it's 19" tall and 24" wide. Basically, this allows you to set aside
some vinyl to make more decals if needed. You're going to measure, mark and using your long straight edge
or yard stick, start cutting four 4" wide & 19" long rectangles that will become your hash marks. The tough part
is figuring out the top and bottom angles to cut! The top angle determines the "tilt" the decal will have on the
fender, the bottom angle will follow the crease on the fender above the wheel well.

Name:  First 18 in cut.jpg
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Name:  The final project.jpg
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2. For the top angle, measure down 3", mark and using the 12" ruler, cut from the mark up to the top of the decal.

Name:  The Angle 2.jpg
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Size:  119.2 KB

3. Pop the hood and clean the fender where the hash marks will go including the inside edge (inside the engine
compartment) where the decal will fold down and be hidden when the hood is closed.

4. Measure 5" back from the front edge of the fender and place a piece of masking tape on the fender which will
mark the where the front of the decal will be positioned.

Name:  5 in Back.jpg
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5. Don't peel off the backing yet, but place the front decal in position on the fender, then place the French
Curve along the crease on the fender where you want the decal to end, mark it, then cut it out on your work

Name:  Front Hash Angle.jpg
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6. Wet the surface with the water/soap solution, peel the backing paper off the decal and wet it down as well.
Place the decal on the fender, it should slip and slide around like crazy. Basically, you have to line up the bottom
edge of the decal with that crease on the fender and keep the top of the decal right at the tape mark on the top
of the fender. Work out all the air and water with the squeegee being careful not to move the decal out of position.
Be sure to fold the top edge over the fender and once it's down good, take a clean cloth and dry everything off.

7. Now place 1" wide masking tape along the edge of that decal so you have a guide to space out the second
decal. Do the same thing for the back decal, hold it in position, use the French Curve to mark the bottom angle
of the decal and cut it out. Wet everything again, peel off the backing paper and slide it into position, work out
the air and water and that should be it.

Name:  The Gap.jpg
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Name:  Rear Hash Angle.jpg
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The very bottom photo got in there by accident, but is a good shot of the French Curve and
illustrates the extra vinyl you will be left with after making hash marks for BOTH sides of
the car.

I'll tweak this DIY if it's not clear.
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A great writeup! But theres a company that sells them for 20 bucks shipped with 3m vinyl lol. But great writeup! I love the creativity man!
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I went all the way through the fender, way easier and just used the pinstriping tape and 3m blue tape and plastidipped it. Im cheap like that lol
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And as a result of my new found talant, I'm single-handedly hash marking America. Friends, neighbors, complete strangers...hash marks for everyone and world domination!

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2014 Red Hot 2SS/RS/M6/NPP/Shifter/Nav/Roof/SilverRallyStripes/Airaid intake/GM StrutTowerBrace/50%-35%tint

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is that last pic a mini-van? haha perfect!

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nice DIY. looks great
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