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Beginning MODS

In the next month or two im going to buy a 2000-2002 camaro ss 6 speed. I want to know what would be the best modifications to get for it. Excluding anything that would require me to change out the cams or anything heavy like that. I want my car to be close to stock so that if I ever sold it I wouldnt have to tear apart my block. What would you do to a stock SS to increase its performance? Keeping in mind that I dont want to be spending more money on mods than what my car costs
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Heres a general idea of what I've learned are the most common beginning mods.

Free Mods here,

3.Cat-back exhaust or True Duels<--personal prefference between those two, depends on how loud you want your car.
4. Headers
5. Cut-out if you go with cat-back.
6.Port and polish your throttle body/or buy bigger one.

Those are in no certain order by the way. Just what I could think of off the top of my head. Hope that gives you an idea.

Someone else feel free to chime in......
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Congrats on your purchase. Make sure and post pics.!

You can see my list of mods. below. I'm happy with all of them.
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Cold air intake. look online for someone selling theirs, they all do the same thing, or you can even make your own. I have a friend of mine running a PVC intake that he made at Lowes and he's pushing over 400rwhp. just make sure you are getting a good air filter. and be careful with the cleaning oils for air filters, they can mess up your MAF when used too generously.

then exhaust, if you dont have to worry about emissions, get a set of long tube headers.
check out tell them Greg Norris sent you. Ceramic coated pacesetter long tube headers with off road y-pipe for ~$500.00 shipped.

also with the exhaust, look into a catback system. go to to listen to the different types of exhaust and see which one you like best.

you could do an LS6 intake manifold swap if the car you purchase doesnt already come to it.

you can port/polish your throttle body as well.

stay away from aftermarket MAF's (mass air flow sensors) as they are a waste of money and more often than not do not work well when getting a real tune.

look into suspension mods as well, all the power in the world doesnt mean squat if you cant put it to the ground. adj lower control arms, adj panhard bar, relocation brackets, subframe connectors, strut tower bar, etc.

seafoam the car,

and change the oil to a good synth such as Royal Purple or Mobil 1. also get a good oil filter, Wix, Mobil1, K&N, and Royal Purple are all good oil filters.
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