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Yes automatics can be downshifted, but especially in simple automatics with manual modes (as is present in the Camaro) there is a delay, so manually downshifting an automatic isn't necessarily much faster than downshifting a manual. The performance gap is certainly shrinking, and some say DCTs and other auto-clutch manuals will make true manuals obsolete, but I still see some degree of greater control with a true manual.
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The delay in most automatics I've driven is no longer than the time it takes to execute a friendly non-DC shift. If you're good at double-clutching you can certainly get it done faster with a manual. Then again, maybe the Camaro will be programmed to respond immediately.

However, the reason cited for downshifting being so important to manuals (but incorrectly cited as unavailable in automatics) is to prepare ahead of time. For that you don't need a DC-speed downshift.

If you've been taken by surprise, an automatic in "Sport" or "Power" mode will be way faster and more responsive to the gas pedal than manually downshifting the automatic or any driver's shifting of a manual transmission.

I still prefer manual.
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