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The hood's isn't looking like the one on the spy shots.
I'm kindly asking: "May I have a supercharged Z28 with 550 hp please? By the end of 2009 would be awesome. Thanks"
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personally don't care for the wheels or hood.
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Originally Posted by mondain View Post
I just realized this hood, if the rendering is accurate, totally screws us guys who want to do a custom Bumblebee stripe kit in the TF1 style. I'm skipping making my 'bee look like TF2 or TF3, cause honestly, TF2 was a disaster and I have little hope that TF3 will be any better, and I'd rather my bee look like a good movie than a bad one

But the TF3 leaked pics have bee's stripes running down the sides of the hood, not near the center, which would be supported by a Z hood rendering such as this.

Damnit, GM, why do you make things difficult...
The hood/car model that is being used in the TF3 bumblebee is the Jay Leno concept car from SEMA 2009. The reason the stripes are running down the sides of the car like that is because they're following the position of the vents from the hood.

In my opinion I don't really believe that the hood in the rendering will he the final production design. I still believe that they're going to use the hood design from Jay Leno concept/TF3. Not that it really matters to me cause I love my SS and will probably wait till a 50th anniversary Camaro is release til contemplating on buying another car... that or a V8 manual Chevy SSR, now thats a headturner!
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not bad at all it looks awesome
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2010 SSRS

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one thing I really hope is that they put the bigger Z28 emblem where the center bowtie is and Z28 emblems on the sides to replace the Camaro emblems and the rear bowtie replaced with the Z28 emblem.
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Originally Posted by efpardo View Post
I'd like to put that facsia on My car. diggin it...might have to start looking around for that one...
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Originally Posted by Shurenuff View Post
My guess is that if they offer these wheels, they will be optional. As much as I, and many others, love the black concave SSX wheels and hope they're available with the Z/28, not everyone (like yourself) likes this style of wheel.

I'm guessing they'll have a more traditional painted wheel standard to appeal to the most people possible. Although those wishing for factory chrome wheels on the Z/28 are sure to be disappointed as that boat has sailed a while ago.
Much to the contrary, powder coated midnight black wheels which I refered to if you read the post properly look almost identical to the black chrome finish, and they will hold up to all weather. Bright chrome is not the way to go, powder coated midnight chrome with a machined lip is awesome IMHO. There are companies now doing that for the stock 5 spokes on 2010's and they look awesome. Tom Oates chevy in PA had midnight chrome wheels offered for many of his specialty "factory" modified Camaro's.
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I'm no engineer, but does it even make sense for it to have both heat extractor vents and a large intake scoop? It seems like the air would just rush in and quickly exit via the extractor vents. What would this accomplish?
If a "large intake scoop" were to expedite this process you would probably see it if in fact this vent work is needed at all. The hood looks mean and nasty, and is something quite unique, although not suitable to everyones taste as you have previously mentioned. It's a shame GM is not going to engineer a functional fresh air duct/scoop for the supercharger. A cool, dense charge of air brings much to the horsepower table. Does anyone have any real info on how much engine heat, or engine compartment temperature rise the SC causes, if any? Does it really need an air exchanger vent in the hood?
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That's the way Chevrolet!
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Originally Posted by Black on Black View Post
Let the speculation continue.
I kept waiting for your sig to finish loading.

My guess is that hood is functional. Why else would GM go to the trouble to make it like that?

Cool air goes in at the back of the hood at the cowl. Flows forward across the warm engine then escapes via the extractors.

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I think it looks great!
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I have a feeling this rendering is VERY close to the actual Z28. Looks good overall IMO.
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I hate the hood but I love the wheels
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