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Blue Maro Demon

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New 2011 Baldwin Motion Camaros!!!! =)

Press Release:


Baldwin-Motion’s Joel Rosen partners with DeNooyer Chevrolet’s Performance Division and Redline Motorsports to build and market 2011 MOTION 427 and 454 Camaros.

More than 40 years ago Joel “Mr. Motion” Rosen, a young Brooklyn dynotuner, hot rodder, street racer and national record holding drag racer, turned a simple 427 Camaro engine swap into an empire. And catapulted Baldwin-Motion and MOTION into internationally respected performance brands. Working with Baldwin Chevrolet, he was the most prolific builder-marketer of modified new big-block Chevys during the Supercar ’60s & ’70s. He backed up Phase III models with written moneyback performance warranties! He’s now passing the torch to Howard Tanner, a young dyno-tuning specialist and speed shop owner.

Specially prepared 427 and 454 engines power the latest iterations of the legendary Baldwin-Motion Fantastic Five : 2011 SS & Phase III Camaros, dyno-rated at 525 (SS-427) to 800 horsepower (427-SC Supercar).

Howard Tanner is President of Redline Motorsports, a speed shop specializing in fuel-injected vehicles in Schenectady, NY. He and his team are the builders. Dan Carlton, General Manager, DeNooyer Chevrolet’s Performance Division in Albany, NY is handling client contact.

DeNooyer Chevrolet, owned by second-generation Chevrolet dealer Jim DeNooyer, is the highest volume Chevrolet dealership in upstate New York. As a young, hands-on car guy, DeNooyer was into hot rods, customs and drag racing. He later moved up into fast boats and has held speed records since the 1990s. Sons, Joel and Tom, also high-performance enthusiasts, handle day-to-day operations.

“It’s great that the folks at DeNooyer Chevrolet and Redline Motorsports have embraced the Baldwin-Motion heritage of using the latest GM 427 and 454 high-performance factory engines in their new MOTION Camaros,” said Dr. Jamie Meyer, Product Integration Manager, General Motors Performance Parts.

Tanner is a highly skilled engine calibrator and dyno-tuner as well as an experienced builder of large-displacement GM vehicles, including Camaros and Corvettes. Carlton, a respected racer, successful GM of luxury brand dealerships and former Chevrolet dealership principal, has years of experience selling both imported and domestic high-performance vehicles. He is a former New York State Ice Racing Champion and currently competes in sports car, ice racing and Modified motorsports.

Every MOTION Camaro will be built to order at Redline and tuned by Howard Tanner on its DYNOmite 1,400 horsepower Eddy Current Load dyno. A full dyno report as well as official Baldwin-Motion documentation will go with each car.

Sanctioned, serialized and signed by Joel Rosen, each 2011 MOTION SS & Phase III Camaro will be delivered with custom MOTION VIN plates and complete documentation. To prevent future cloning of MOTION Camaros, Rosen and Carlton will be establishing a confidential MOTION Registry detailing VINs, vehicle specifications and original purchaser data.

In 1967-1968, Baldwin-Motion marketed its full line of 427 Chevys under The Fantastic Five banner. Advertising and marketing materials, as well the windows at Baldwin Chevrolet, screamed The Fantastic Five . And, that’s how they’re launching the new line of 2011 MOTION Camaros. The 2011 Fantastic Five : SS-427 (525 HP), Phase III 427 (600 HP), SS-454 (550 HP), PHASE III 454 (625 HP Torque Monster!) and PHASE III 427-SC (800 HP Supercharged Supercar).

Complete details can be found at

“I like to think of our 2011 SS and Phase III 427 & 454 Camaros as “modern MOTION mythmakers!” said, DeNooyer’s Carlton. When Rosen and MOTION LLC’s Larry Jaworske and Joel Ehrenpreis re-launched the Baldwin-Motion and MOTION brands in 2005, they set a new standard for 1969 “continuation” Camaros. The Launch Edition two-seat SuperCoupe, powered by a front/mid-mounted, fuel-injected 540-inch aluminum big-block, won the coveted GM Design Award at SEMA 2005 and set a record at Barrett-Jackson in 2006 “We produced extremely expensive, coachbuilt Camaros between 2005-2009. This time it’s different. Our new MOTION 427 & 454 Camaros are much more affordable and drivable, starting at under-$80,000, and will be hard to beat on the street or at a show. I’ve ordered the first one (#001), a limited-production, 800-horsepower supercharged Phase III 427-SC Supercar,” said Rosen.

Heres a link with pics!! Looks awesome the top model comes in at 800hp with forged internals!

Name:  baldwinmotioncamaro1.jpg
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Name:  baldwinmotioncamaro2.jpg
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Name:  baldwinmotioncamaro3.jpg
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Name:  baldwinmotioncamaro4.jpg
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They have always made nice cars.

It is only ACS'd up with inserts and hood. GFX do not look that special.

Wish they did custom work on the exterior like they did with the motor.
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Looks good
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I have yet to see a single one actually produced. The renderings always look great though.
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So Cal Camaro5 Race Team
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nice to see all the old school builders back or at least their names
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Originally Posted by Mindz View Post
I have yet to see a single one actually produced. The renderings always look great though.
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2010 SSRS

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wow, that looks awesome, I want one.
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Blue Maro Demon

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I know I think this new 2011 Motion Camaro looks awesome! I like the quad exhaust on the back too! I always have liked the old 2nd gen Baldwin Motion Camaros and have a Diecast of the 1970 Baldwin Motion Camaro.
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Tattooed K9
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I likes !!!
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Here's their official website : link.






I didn't see any prices. Added to my "special edition" list.
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Everything but the back. I'm pretty partial to the lines the Camaro Team gave us, save for changing spoilers, wheels, front splitter. Not that much though. Looks gorgeous under the hood though.
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Originally Posted by Mindz View Post
I have yet to see a single one actually produced. The renderings always look great though.
Check out the link below...this was the "beta" car that was built prior....

I know now those guys over there well and they already had 5 cars presold of which two under construction now. Its a real car and the rendering was done after the car was built.

Its real....
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f'n sweet..
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As an old school Camaro guy, I'm not a fan of companies that buy rights to a legendary name and slap it on their product in an attempt to add instant credibility. The only modified 5th gen that can trace a lineage to the classic, dealer built, legendary pony cars is Berger. That's the only reason it's worthy of the badge and the name. A Yenko, Baldwin Motion, or Nickey Camaro built today is NOT a Yenko, Baldwin or Nickey original. A 5th gen Berger Camaro IS still a Berger Camaro because it comes from the same family and the same dealership.

I'm not knocking what these companies have done with their Camaros. They do great work and add a lot to the Camaro community. I just wish they wouldn't disrespect the lineage and heritage of past Camaros by hijacking the names for their own benefit. They should go out and make a name on their own and maybe their Camaros will be sought after in 40 years, but please don't claim your Camaros are something they are not. Regardless of whether Joel Rosen has "blessed" DeNooyer to do this (he has), it's a DeNooyer Motion Camaro, NOT a Baldwin Motion Camaro.
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