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Well, here in Québec we have this one:

The chorus is: In my Camaro, I would bring you over all summer's roads, in my Camaro I'd bring you to San Francisco...

I'm not sure I was born when that was a hit, but It was redone by many singers here!

Here's a "newer" version with a cooler clip:


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Yellow Camaro by Weezer

Victory Red 2010 Camaro 2LT

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Originally Posted by Emjay View Post
Hey guys, I took the liberty of making a list of all the camaro songs that I know of (not all that great). A few are really great and worth checking out. If you have any others let me know, Ill edit the post so that we can get a good list going on!

Kings of Leon - Camaro
Two Cow Garage - Camaro
David Wilcox - Johnnys Camaro
Bang Camaro - Bang Camaro
Couch - Camaro
The Ramones - Go lil Camaro Go
Secret Service - Camaro
Asskickers - Camaro
Christopher Dallman - Camaro
Trigger Finger - Camaro
Tennis Pro - Dad's Camaro
Shocore - Legendary Camaro
Danielle Howle & the tantrums - Camaro Power
Blue Meanies - Camaro Man
Alison Popitone - 1969 cobalt blue camaro
Camaro Brothers - Black Camaro
Topheavy - Bangin' Camaro
Clove - Camaro Cut
Bronk - Camaro
Red Planet - Big Hair Camaro
Bald Eagle - Wind up dead in Camaro
The Andwuts - Rock the camaro
Torey Adler - Blue Camaro
Subterranean Vison Serpent - Tis my modified Camaro
Beta Minus Mechanic - '69 Camaro
D.U.I. - Camaro
A country Sound - Red Camaro
Dan Schultz - Camaro Town
The High Speed Scene - The Iroc-Z song
The Post Office Gals -I drive an I-roc cause I rawk
The Mansions - Z-28
Weezer - Yellow Camaro
The Dead milkmen - Bitchin' Camaro

ADDED March 5th
The drip- Black Camaro
I love Kings of Leon....haven't heard this one yet! I need to find it and load it to my card! Haven't heard of any of the other bands other than Weezer, however I will have to check them all out! BTW nice list!
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"Mustangs and Camaros"
Written by Shoother Jennings
Performed by Stargunn

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another song

Camaro 68 by RubberSideDown
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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
Well, one thing defiately stands out. According to that list, if you want to be a really popular band, don't do a song about a Camaro.
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I'll throw in "I Disappear" from Metallica as the '68 Camaro James drives in the video is bad ass
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Here is a rare one. Camaro by the Cyrcles. It was released in 1967 when the original Camaro was introduced. I have it on a 45. It can also be listened to on You Tube but have yet to find it on ITunes.
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This was a instant hit in the 70's here is Qc.
Steve Fiset: Les routes d'été dans ma Camaro


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Shinedown- The Sound of Madness
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Young Jeezy - My Camaro. Finally a rap song
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Pernod Fils has a hip hop song about the camaro.

There's quite a few songs that mention camaros but aren't about them specifically.
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heavy chevy- jetboy. ok its not about a camaro, but i still liked it. its about a 57 chevy. i heard it on xm the other day.
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well by the looks of things, most of you guys dont like Rap but this is off Young Jeezy's new mixtape CD:

Young Jeezy "My Camaro" - I'm sure most won't like it but w/e, i do (although its short)!
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Callaway Chris
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Racing In the Street / Springsteen

"...I met her on the strip three years ago
In a Camaro with this dude from L.A.
I blew that Camaro off my back,
and drove that little girl away..."

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Right, right.
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Originally Posted by cstproductions View Post
Okay, the official worst camaro song ever goes too.....
OMG thats horrible!!! lol my band does a song that mentions the camaro! the lines go--

Run in circles and
torch the prius and
let the children know what is living!
Break a window and
drive camaros and
leave those shoes 'cause tonight you'll lose them!

lol its a punk band, and its a "i dont give a crap im gonna be an idiot" kind of song lol
"You wanna lay the fate of the world on the kids camaro? Thats cool."
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The Creampuff Fleet-
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young jeezy-my camaro
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