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Old 07-31-2009, 11:31 AM   #301

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Adjustable passenger seat (up/down), even if it is not power, so that short people can see over the dash. As far as the interior, I think this is the only major oversight. Sure memory seats and climate control would be nice, but the low seat makes it claustrophobic for some people to ride in the car, and there is no way to deal with that right now.

I would love to see a track package of some sort, with 3.73 or 3.90 gears, different rims (lighter maybe), and revised suspension, maybe some different brake pads. This would be a great way to stay ahead of the competition.
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as in Irish European
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My wish list

1) LED Halos as Automatic DRLs
2) LED Halos 2 x Current Intensity (if 1 & 2 not enough for Canadian Specs then F*@K em, make it US only)
3) Current DRLs on 2SS/RS to be just Fog Lamps on separate switch like 1SS etc
4) Fog lamps on RS models to be same cool color temp as HID and LED Halo
5) Dark Green Paint option
6) Color Options on Bowties. We are all doing it anyway. Easy money for GM. Why not?
7) Painted GFX options - Matching and Contrasts
8) Push button start
9) Functional hood scoop or at least tie into cool air intake GMPP option

Please copy and paste any you agree with as I suspect repitition of options on wish lists will garner the most attention from GM
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  • A better grill mesh option. I don't like how much space is between the cheap-looking plastic grill pieces. Maybe a billet style or metal mesh style (in black).
  • Non-staggered wheel sizes (I subscribe to the wheel rotation theory)
  • FUNCTIONAL ram air with routing to the airbox
  • A way to mount the front license plate without having to drill into the bumper (for those unfortunate enough to live in those states that require it).

  • HUD (which I already know is coming in 2011)
  • FULL leather as opposed to partial leather

  • A wider selection of "factory-approved" performance modifications from GMPP. I know about the intake and the exhaust systems, but perhaps going further with big items like a blower and such (with those options coming with affliated upgrades to supporting systems like fuel injectors, etc).
  • A fully tunable and adjustable suspension from the factory, with the ability to adjust from the driver's seat. Perhaps making the "competition mode" include ride height and stiffeness adjustments to the suspension.
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Old 07-31-2009, 11:40 AM   #304
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A more aggressive fascia and better hood...and on the V-6 powered cars as well.
More wheel options.
More stripe options.
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1. Targa Top

2. British racing green

3. Climate control

4. Navi
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First of all I've been reading this forum for over two years in anticipation of a convertible 5th gen Camaro. Ive drove my wife crazy on whether to buy a Coupe or not. So my priority is the convertible.

Now, if you could make a SEMA Dale Jr. convertible, I'd probably be in heaven. I'm not much of a "motor head", so all this stuff about engines and gears is beyond my knowledge. As long as I hit the gas and the puppy lays rubber I'm happy.

I had a '78 light blue Camaro and loved that color. Make the rear seat able to collapse so the the trunk can hold something other then a lunch bag.

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Old 07-31-2009, 12:00 PM   #307
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I'd like them to change the DIC to something Vehicle Info Center....VIC. It seems that only GM would enjoy writing all over their manuals "Please refer to your DIC to see the tire pressure"

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Oh and I'd like to be able to order Inferno Orange interior on a RJT. My dad's harley is similar to RJT. Then he has a candy red insert with orange pinstripes. It's straight from the factory in 1984. I want to paint stripes on my 2011 the same way.
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well,the car is very nice the way it is,but.....i have speculated that the reason they did not put the across dash is so that they would have something to add to the 11' model,if that is the case then i think they should offer it as an accessory for the 10'model,also i would have liked to have "hud"...and there has to be a way to have remote start for a man.,you would think that with todays technology a swith could be placed on the neutral and or emerg.brake so that remote start would be available for the man.trans, other than that i already hope that i wont be dissapointed when the 2011 comes out and it has all this and the 2010 would be old,outdated...but g.m. and all involved have done a fantastic job,...i am a parts manager at chev./cad. dealer and i can't count how many folks have come by and wanted me to show them my car,but i can say that me working here and having mine on the lot has sold at least 5 being people have one that they can actually look at close instead of a camaro blowing by them and all they see is a quick glimpse
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Old 07-31-2009, 12:24 PM   #310
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1.) Any factory installed 500hp/500tq motor or GMPP LS3 hot cam (still SS).
2.) H.U.D.
3.) Factory functional Cold Air Intake and heat extractors
4.) Factory 3.90/4.10 rear gear option
5.) Factory Option to replace trash can exhaust with straight pipes
6.) Bigger gen 1 style rear spoiler (see SLP version)
7.) B&M or Hurst short throw shifter
8.) RS package for SS would include hide-away headlights, LED tail lamps, and full "Rally" stripes
9.) Lemans, Jetstream, or Briar blue. Or just keep existing Aqua Blue Metallic
10.) Keep making them!
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Memory seats!

My wife and I alternate between driving days, and she is significantly shorter on the torso, so memory seats are a must. She's got 'em so high that when I get in the car I hit my head on the roof!

An option to lower the seat on power down and resume on power up would be cool as well.

Originally Posted by SSmoked View Post
1) LSA aka Z/28
2) mulit colored ambient lighting. mulit colored LEDs are out lol my Blackberry has it. comon the mustnag and focus have it.
3) more colored seats. like the aqua blue pkg or velocity yellow pkg...
4) GLOSS stipes and FACTORY installed.
5) hide-away headlights
6) On-star buli into the sun roof not on the rearview mirror. it hard to see out of the car as is please do sumthin about this.
7) Navigation
8) climate control
9) Memory seats, lol.
10) LSA aka Z/28

thats all for now. and remove those silly reverse lights into the rear tail lights.
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Old 07-31-2009, 12:40 PM   #312
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I would really like to see a different ground effects package. IMO it is way too ricey/flashy. The side skirts are perfect, you can leave those alone...the front lip extends too far outward, and the rear end is complete garbage. Specifically the cutouts that surround the exhaust piping, remove those entirely and redo the rear end.

I would just like to see a package that compliments the car rather than completely changing how it looks. Make it more subtle.
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and I kinda like this rear better
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1. PRICE REGULATION-way too many franchisees adding on to the MSRP
(I know, GM can't do that but there must be something the purchasers can do to stop this BS)
2. Tie the new Camaro to options and parts to the GM High performance catalog.
(yes, you can order headers and a cat back (in the trunk when delivered) but dealer installed. No listing on the alpha numeric code?
3. COLORS-more COLORS and optional interiors and metal foot controls (or chrome bezels)
4. (already mentioned but worth repeating) a Z28, convertible
5. Optional LS7 engine
6. DO NOT offer a 2.2L ecotec-PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
7. dash board ignition
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definitly something to raise the passenger seat up. Better ABL. Different colours, JSB maybe. Different wheels. HUD. Better sound system, BA sucks, i just blew my left speaker yesterday.
Larger spoiler.
rear diffuser from the concept. I have a pic of a official gm production camaro with that rear diffuser. Will post it soon.
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Dr Jkel
and MR. HYDE
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I would like to see them eliminate a color, pick one and do away with it. You could have the lucky color and makes it that much more valuable, of course add a different color, green, pink, whatever.

As for upgrades, ambient lighting across the dash and colored more to your car color and lastly instead of Camaro on the steering wheel put SS, same for the front and rear.
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Cooled seats.../thread
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Hide-away Gatling gun in hood....that'll get em outta my way!

1. T-Tops
2. Hide away headlights
3. More factory seat options(I hate leather)
4. Push button start/smart key
5. More wheel options(well under $4k)
1LT RS Auto Tap Black/Black, Silver Stripes, Sunroof

1100 = 4/22/09
2000 = ?
2500 = 5/27/09
3000 = 5/27/09
3300 = 6/24/09 tpw 7/20
3400 = 7/20/09
3800 = produced 7/22/09? #28839
4200, Shipped 7/24/09?
5000, 8/13/09
6000 = Delivered to Customer 8/13/09
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131 SS
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Originally Posted by kamaro_ken View Post
Definitely T-Tops,


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More headroom
New gauge cluster
Optional color-matched ground effects
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als 011 z28
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Originally Posted by Zabo View Post
Zedder, Scott, and the GM team:

All I ask is a reasonably priced Z28 that can compete with the GT500. And offer a slick green color if you can make it work on the body. If not then forget the green and like you said yourself..

Just make a Z. I'll be waiting at the dealership when it arrives.

Also, Scott and Zedder can check their PMs for a simple question on timetables. Just for planning purposes.


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I think a TARGA top would be cool albeit not Camaro-ish. More Trans-Am-ish
SS2 Black with CGM Stripes
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dovetail spoiler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ordered....iom 2010 camaro 2lt polished 19s and of course moon roof!!! now i wait!
had a 1987 lt 1 of 794. why did i let her go!!!

sold! 2007 nissan frontier se made room for my baby cammy!

as of 8/31/09 everything on hold. got laid off from work....and have no idea when i go back...... one day i WILL get my cammy one way or another........
just got as of 6/7/10- 86 iroc z28. blk,red int,5.0 tpi.55k miles as of right now. fixed to much to list. needs paint and she is done!
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