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Aequitas & Veritas

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Airsoft Guns need to Go (name brand)


Well I am getting out of Airsoft completely. I need to buy another car so this huge name brand collection of upgraded airsoft rifles needs to go! My loss is your gain! Many of these are almost brand new some have never been fired.

Disclaimer for the people: These are airsoft toys and only fire small bb's and can in no way fire real bullets. They all come with orange flash hiders and are only toys. These are sold as is and no returns. I am getting out of airsoft but I do vouche for all of these that they do work and this is not a scam. I can supply more photos if needed as I cannot post that many on here. Just email me and I will get you more. Please no low ballers I need to fund another car so please don’t waste my time. These are high end airsoft guns.

Overview of what I'm selling (w/o shipping)
1. Classic Army Sports M15A4 - $185
2. Tokyo Marui VSR-10 - $310
3. Tokyo Marui G18C AEP - $115
4. Daniel Defense M4 w/203 - $280
5. Daniel Defense M4 (stock) - $200
6. M4 Project - $190
7. Custom fully built M733 commando - $575

---- ---- ----

Classic Army Sports M15A4

MSRP now - $185 at Evike
I paid $200 plus shipping

This was used as my loner gun to friends. I personally have not fired it but it has seen a few all day matches. There is some minor wear on the crane stock (slight scratches).

What you see is what you get. Price $145 plus shipping

---- ---- ----

Next up is my Tokyo Marui VSR-10

MSRP now - $250
I paid somewhere around the $300 when these were the all the rage.

It comes with a few upgrades however

Bipod - $30
Extra mag - $12
Beartooth Products brown cheek pad with adjustable foam (does include extra foam pieces) - $30
Reinforced Sear Set - $70
555mm Laylax 6.03mm Inner Barrel - $100
Zombie Killer 30 x 110mm Barrel Extension - $30
Bag of 1,000 .25bb’s and a sample bag of .25bb’s

Another thing about this rifle is I have completely foamed the stock to give it a little more weight and so that the vibrations are lessened to give better accuracy.

So buying this new would cost around $500. I am only asking $310 plus shipping because there are a lot of sniper rifles out there that are clones, hoping to get rid of a name brand rifle pretty quick.

This one will be broken down when shipped as it is pretty long as is and would be hard to ship if it was not.

---- ---- ----

Tokyo Marui G18C AEP

These have been discontinued so get an original TM and not a knock off at a great price.

MSRP - $130
I think I paid almost $200 when this was new.

It comes with a 100rd extended mag which was $30, a spare battery which was an extra $12. I painted the lower half of the pistol an OD green to give it a more tactical look. The Glock lettering and trademarks on the slide are filled in with white to stand out from the black slide. I also put a sandpaper type grip onto the grips. It is worn paper so it does not mess up your hands but gives excellent grip when you need to quick draw.

The only problem is that the slide select is stuck in full auto. I never saw the problem with this since that’s how I used it anyways. But here is the story on how this came to be. I heard a rattling one match and then when I took it apart later that day my selector switch would not lock, I looked under the slide and saw that the tiny screw that held the switch in place was missing. I took a small amount of super glue to try to make it stick to the rotating piece. But somehow it stuck to all of it. Hence always in Full Auto. Everything else works perfectly as intended. I see this as a plus though.

Price - $115 plus shipping (not very much extra)

---- ---- ----

Next up is one of my Daniel Defense M4’s

They are both brand new and never have been fired. I got them for Christmas was going to upgrade both and use them as team weapons but decided against it.

MSRP - $270
M203 - $80 I found out that a battery will not fit in the front with a 203 attached so this will need to be rewired to the back and either a crane stock battery or battery bag will be needed.
G27 pistol grip - $20
Top receiver handle rail - $15

This lot does not include the mini lipoly battery in the picture that was moved to a different project and would not fit this anyways.

So I paid $385 for all of this without shipping for the holidays. Selling to you now for $280 because of the work it needs I.e. wired to the back and then a battery/charger (plus shipping). This is a Brand New rifle I have not fired it at all, was only modifying it, I just need them all gone!

I do have another DD M4, same exact one in the link with no modifications for sale too asking $200 plus shipping. I did not include photos as it is the same as picture and in the link. Also brand new and never fired.

---- ---- ----

Next up is my Project M4 I was going to make it into a M4 pistol but now I need to move on.

Complete Upper/Lower with Gear Box (all Metal) - $120
Matrix 3000 Magnum Motor - $45
Complete Front Assembly from a Tokyo Marui M733 w/inner barrel - $80
Detachable Upper Hand Rail -$20
Lipoly Mini Battery 11.1v 1500mAh - $60
Fuse and wiring - $15
Pistol Grip - $6
Butt stock - $10

Total - $356 I’m asking $190 plus shipping because I need it gone!

*What it needs to be fully functioning at minor cost!
- A hop up system
- A Pistol grip bottom plate
- And a butt stock attachment if desired
- Plus a Lipoly charger

The only used part is the front assembly of the M733 everything else was ordered around Christmas time and never used.

---- ---- ----

Last up is my pride and joy of my airsofting career.

It all started as a Tokyo Marui M733 then I began to modernize it and changed almost everything with it. The box it sits in is the original box that I got from RedWolfAirsoft too, just flipped inside out.

Tokyo Marui M733 - $300
G&P M733 RAS Front Set - $155
SR-15 M4 Receiver - $100
H&K style front sight with block M4 style rear sight - $60
ICS Long QD Barrel Extension - $60
King Arms PEQ-7 Battery box w/ 11.1v 3300 mAh Lipoly Battery - $110
Lipoly Charger unit - $25
Matrix 3000 Magnum Motor - $45
M120 spring Gearbox - $110
Madbull Tight bore inner barrel - $30

Grand total of $995 without shipping. I’m asking $575 plus shipping. Everything is included just need to swap in the new barrel, new motor, and new gear box.


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Aequitas & Veritas

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Drives: 2010 Camaro 2LT RS, 2009 GTR
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Bump. All still for sale. I'll take offers too
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Nice, I have that M4. If you still have the Tokyo Marui G18C AEP message me, i been looking for a good handgun. But idk if i will keep this going with the new law there trying to pass (Air Soft guns need to be paint a neon color). Its kinda BS.
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