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Why I enjoyed the Chicago Auto Show

I was at the Chicago Auto Show Wednesday. It was the first time seeing the Camaro in person. It was difficult to spend a lot of time in the car because there was a line to get in the car, and I wanted to be respectful of everyone's time not just mine. Here are my thoughts (primarily for the SS):

The car looked awesome.

Thought the grey stripes on the red car looked a little off. should have been black or white. OPINION!

Halos....way awesomer than I expected. Brilliant GM!

The car was smaller than expected.

The midnight silver wheels just looked dirty. I will be looking at the painted or polished. I know, but it is my car and I can put whatever wheels on it I want, whether they come in the RS package or not.

Brakes looked small in the 20" wheels. I know they are not though.

I liked the red, I loved the silver, and I think I will like the orange. I think I have it narrowed down to those colors.

I like the idea of the stripes. I am still struggling with the execution. with that said I think the right angle corner on the inside of the stripe and the curved outside corners are not to MY liking (they may be to yours). That being said I think GM made the best decision they could have. I understnad the logic behind the application decisions.

I liked the interior materials (mostly). The leather was very good. much higher standard than in other GM cars.

Where were those seats for my 4th gen? Beautiful! The seats were very comfortable.

Sunroof cuts into headroom to much (for ME) I want the reverse mohawk.

I think the overall fit and finish is good....not great. the switch gear controls are great. The steering wheel controls are Way awesome! It feels like GM bought an Audi steering wheels and scratched off the 4 rings! Brilliant.

The dash left me a little wanting. I felt the dash was pretty high, with not a lot of detail. From the silver band up... it just doesn't strike me as perfect. I'm not saying it is terrible but not MY preference.

The shifter ball....GM can save the money on mine and ship my car with out it. That thing is C R A P spells junk. I don't even think I can drive the car home with it. It just felt awkward. Mine will have an 8-ball (anybody know the treads on the shifter?)

The transmission, although the car was not running (duh) it felt very smooth, very little effort (I am sure it has been...worked after being at all the shows). Hurst for me. The guy there talking about the car said the Hurst shifter was no different in effort, the mechanicals were no different, and the only difference was the length of the rod was shorter. I thanked him for his time.

Overall, I am very excited to get the car on the street. I am looking forward to seeing the orange, and even driving the car. Thanks GM job well done!

I am sure I have other thoughts on other areas of the car, but can't really think of them right now. Oh the exhaust tips looked really cool too.
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I went on Tuesday. First time seeing it in person for me as well. I would agree with the "seemed small" comment. I thought it would be bigger as well.

If you are a taller person, (im 6'3) forget about getting someone in the backseat behind you comfortably. I think it will be ok for my 6 yr olds but and adult, no freakin way. The front seats were very roomy though, and the telescopic steering column was pretty cool.

I also checked in the trunk and amp line lvl rca jacks were nowhere to be found. Looks like we'll need to run a high low converter off the rear speakers or rip the dash apart and see if the radio has any line level outs..
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Silver Streak

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Nice write up. Thanks for the impressions. I haven't sat in one, but I have seen 4 of em, and I was awe struck! Can't wait, but I will lol. Soon!


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Please not have any Delay
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do you have any pictures of the sunroof cutting out headroom? I have a sunroof currently and it is just like having a flat roof. Please explain if you do not have a pic.
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I went to the show for the 2nd time yesterday. I went back to the show to try and convince myself I did not want a Camaro. I couldn't do it!
I originally posted that the feel of the LT steering wheel and shifter "sucked". I have changed my mind. The first time I went, it was early in the show and they felt rough to the touch. Now, after thousands of people have been handling them they feel just fine. That's probably 2 years worth of wear. This alone has me leaning toward getting a 1SS. Leather is not a plus for me as I have dogs, so 2SS is off the table.
Now I need to wait until I can get a test drive in a V6. If I like the power, I can save myself a bunch of cash by getting one. I'd love to get an SS but It's a lot of extra dough.
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Shifty 6
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Sorry guys no pics. I wasn't going to get any pics anyone else hasn't gotten. There was always a crowd of people. Regarding the comments....

I am 6'5" tall. My hair was brushing the liner. My actual head did not touch, I just found it annoying. I have seen pictures on here somewhere. Plus, I have a sunroof now and it is just not the same as T-tops (which I loved) so to me it is not that big of a deal. VJ, I wish I could make a recommendation. I would say for ME (only) I would pass on the roof, plus I like the mohawk. And I am taller. Maybe someone can speak more into how much the roof cuts into the headroom. I thought someone said it was minimal, maybe not. Personally, that is the main reason I am waiting; because I want to see and touch the car before I get what I want.

On the rear seat room...I actually did not have the seat all the way back. I thought there was a lot of room up front. I agree I would not want to sit in the back for long. But it is like I said with my 4th gen..."why do I care about rear seat room?..I sit in the driver seat, and it has all the leg room I need." I was really impressed with the seat though, I thought very comfortable, and good thigh support when shifting.
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