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Car Cover

I purchased the car cover as an aoption for my Camaro. I want a tight glove fit over the vehicle. I dont have a garage, so this will help me protect my car from the sun.
Also, ive heard horror stories about people buying a 1 size fits all cover from Walmart. Sand getting between the covor and the vehicle on a windy day, and leaving awesome scratches in the paint.

My question is this: Sooner or later you need to wash the cover. Do you just throw it in the washer and let it air dry, or do you wash it after you wash the vehicle?

I was thinking just go to a local do it yourself carwash place and pressure washing the cover with soap and water. Any advice?
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The cover should come with washing instructions. If not, you can contact the manufacturer for what they recommend.
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I'm no expert but I've owned several cars/covers. I do know that some covers will allow moisture through, either directly (rain) or indirectly (dew formation). If this happens you've got to remove it and let both the car and the cover dry .. otherwise mildew will form. Here in the south we get a lot of pine pollen (like talc, only more messy). Even with the cover on, this pollen can work its way under the cover, even one with a tight fit. This said, I've ordered the cover too. Just don't expect it to keep everything off the car all the time.
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I have no garage so I keep my vette under an outdoor specific cover. The material is grey with breathable holes, 2 layers. It's good enough to sleep thru a storm but you do have to take it off to dry the car and it does get moldy smelling and full of all kinds of stuff from cat hair to pollen. I am sure that same material will be offered for the Cam5. I have seen it for all kinda of cars on ebay. Normally marked for outdoor cover.

Wash by hand and dry outdoors. I think a machine might tear it up.
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I wash my car covers (I have an indoor and an outdoor) in my washer. I put them on the delicate cycle with a mild detergent. Then AIR dry. If the cover is too thick (which I doubt), you might need to go to a laundymat to use a big washer.

Never put your cover on your car when the car is dirty! It will scratch the car. Use one of those car dust mop things after driving you car and maybe some detail spray to clean it between washes. This will keep your cover clean longer and help prevent scratching the car.
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