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V6 10' Camaro VS 02 Maxima 6MT

I owned one of these before I got this car actually. My friend still has his so we went to a road course to have some fun today.

From a 20 roll we were even, then he pulled away at 40 mph and put two cars on me until about 90, then I started gaining ground. At 100 I started pulling pretty hard and passed him, forgot the speed though.

We didnt get to do a dig but I think the V6 manuals high 1st gear ratio + RWD vs FWD would allow me to shoot ahead enough that I could hold him until the 1/4.

His mods were a catback and weight reduction.

Anyone with a V6, if you get challenged by one if these with mods and its a 6MT Id suggest you decline unless you have mods. Its truly a great sleeper.
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Way to reel him in!

Those are nice car's especially the 6 speed. I was actually searching craigslist for one last month ever since my buddu took me for a joy ride in his Dad's 02 6 speed.

Ive always liked Maxima's ever since I drove a early 90's one when I was 17 with the 4 door sports car sticker on the window. That car had some serious balls for the day. I saw a few 02 vids on youtube trapping 98mph.
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I owned a 1997 Mazda Millenia S back in the day, it was a good competitor to the Maxima. It used much more sophisticated suspension in order to deliver less body roll and deliver a smooth ride(if you drove on a gravel road you didn't feel it, if you were going a good clip; the front suspension had a control arm on both side and 1 leading link, 1 lateral link on each side, for example a very odd combination), it also had a nicer interior and a more powerful lighter fuel efficient engine(with a low hoodline only about 2-3 inches from the wheel well gap, for a lower center of gravity). Yet it was priced near $35-40k, the Maxima was a solid $10k cheaper new. Though the Infiniti I30 was more it's competition, the I30 had no radical suspension or drivetrain changes over the normal Maxima, but charged $35k for a new one.

I looked at the Maxima from the same year and it felt so doldrous and bland to drive, the Millenia felt like you were dragging your palms along the ground and had great brakes, the Maxima just wasn't as confidence inspiring or fun to drive. The supercharged KJ-ZEM 2.3 V6 Millenia only came with a 4AT, though a 5-speed manual could easily be swapped for as little as $500 from an MX-6 ! They can be quite quick, especially when fitted with a larger supercharger pulley, easily low-mid 14 cars at that point with some minor mods.

My friend in college had a modded(larger pulley, CAI, axleback exhaust, ECU chipped etc.) 1999 Millenia S(Millenium edition in Millenium Red !!) 5-speed swapped out of an MX-6 and it was a beauty, chromed wheels and all, a sleeper too... he dynoed 241 whp/228 lb-ft. Not bad for a 2.3 V6 designed for refinement, not power, that originally came out in 1993 ! I met alot of people who could not even pronounce the name of it when I owned one.... DAT DERR Mazda Millenium..... Oh hey nice Millenium.... so it is a real sleeper as well, seeing to it that it's such a rare, unique, and technologically advanced(for it's time) car that few know about.

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Posts: 10 junkie here I agree i have owned many. Sounds accurate with vq running out of breath above 100 mph. With 5.5 Gen coming in about 500lbs almost lighter than us it is a sleeper, Y Pipe, INtake and exhaust and lowered was a joy to drive and hear...........Good times.

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I bet the 3.6 Altima is a sleeper as well..
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Originally Posted by 2010SLVRBULIT View Post
I bet the 3.6 Altima is a sleeper as well..
3.6 Altima? I think you mean 3.5 and yes its a good sleeper as well. I enjoyed beating my friends Charger R/T twice now. Summer is coming and I am looking for some V6 Camaro's next.
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