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Anyone heard of product called Rusterminator

Has anyone heard of a device called rusterminator? It is a electrical unit attached to the vehicle which is supposed to send a charge thru the sheet metal preventing the steel from oxidizing. I have heard of the technology, it was first used by the Navy to prevent ships from rusting. The thing cost a couple hundred bucks and is guarenteed to prevent rust from forming on your vehicle or the repair is free. I know a guy that has one on his 1998 cadillac and it is rust free, even has bare metal spots with no rust. Just wondering if any of you have heard about it, or would reccomend it. thanks
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haven't heard of it... but what kind of charge? like electrical charge? lol... kinda scares me if I was at a gas station... since I know nothing of it.
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Drives: 2010 IOM 2SS
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actually i think it is an electrical charge, or someyhing like that. it keeps the metal from oxidizing, or slows it. if you do a yahoo search of rusterminator it explains the process. i was wondering if anyone has used it or knows that it works. living in pa with the snow we get, 154" already this year, if it works i would consider getting one
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That almost sounds like a scam. Isn't the ground wire for all the electronics attached to the body's chassis? So, in theory, wouldn't running a charge through your car's chassis create some problems?
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Cathodic protection has been around for decades.... its primary purpose in life on a ship is barnacle and algae control. I seriously doubt the credibility of this product. It says it'll warrant a used car less than 11 months from manufacture (not when purchased) and less than 3K miles... doesn't sound like much faith to me. Cars that new have outstanding weather protection anyway. And no warranty on self installation...hmmm pay 180 bucks for a gadget and have to pay someone else 100 bucks or so to install... I don't think so! I'll call it a scam all day long.
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Wonder if you can turn it into a security feature.... Touch my car and it will zap the sh!* out of you like KIT For those little key happy bastards
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I plan on buying one or something similar... I 've seen them installed on TV before... Trucks I think... I think it's a small price to pay for something I plan on keeping for a very long time and may help extend it's life... I've worked as an electronics tech for 18 years and I believe it will do what they claim it does. I'm in!
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Mr Twisty

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Might wanna research corrosion and it's causes before you waste your money on this one. Bare metal + oxygen = rust
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I actually have a 'Rust inhibitor Module" On my car, installed as a dealer option. It extended my surface rust and perferation warranty by 8 years, so even if it does not work, I really don't care, cause I get free bodywork.

I work at a potash mine, and a byproduct is salt getting shot out of the smokestacks of the mill along with steam. So I need any help I can get. My car is only 2 years old, but I have noticed that my rims do not pit or peel like the rims on my coworkers vehicles of a similar age, also the underside of my car has way less rusting on it than other coworkers vehicles of a similar age.

Not saying it STOPS rust, and I have nothing scientific, but it definately seems to slow it down in some harsh conditions.
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