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A message from "Da Fbodfather"


I’m sitting in my office -- reading thru the many threads about the great time that everyone seemed to have at Camaro5festII…….and while my forehead and bald spot appear to have been painted Red Jewel Metallic………….I had an absolute blast this weekend!

………..this was one of the most memorable shows ever……….

Why is that?

Well – first – the moderators! They have been working tirelessly for the past year pulling together thousands of details so that we (that’s you and me) could have a wonderful time with like-minded people………..Did they succeed??? You betcha! Thanks for all you’ve done for us – not only for the community, but for GM!

Second – the vendors! They spent a lot of money and time to travel to Chandler and set up their displays so that they could show their wares and allow us to further personalize these great automobiles– let’s not forget that they have faith in our community – and that’s why they’re spending record amounts of development money so that you and I can personalize our Camaros……….

Third—the hotels! They have the patience of saints! The Camaro Community is not known for being ‘shy’ – so a round of applause for the great hospitality and for allowing us to have such a great time in the parking lots and in the lobbies!

Fourth – Firebird Raceway and The Bondurant School – for their kind hospitality and for allowing us to enjoy our Camaros – and sample what I like to call “Performance – American Style!”

Fifth - a very special ‘thank you’ to Pete Basica and Pedders for pulling together a great Wedding!

Sixth – a very special thank you to Becky and Joe from Rodgers Chevrolet – for not only hosting Friday night’s reception in the Courtyard Lobby – but for handing out all of those great hats! (……….that came in handy and saved us from further sunburn!)

Seventh -- my fellow Camaro Team members - for allowing me to go along on this ride called 'The 5th Gen''s been a long, windy, twisty road - but what a destination! And they even put up with my hard-headedness!

And finally – the most important thanks of all goes to YOU – our Camaro Enthusiasts who, without you, this site – and the Camaro – would not exist!

(If I’ve forgotten anyone – please forgive me – ……we’ll blame it on the sun and for my being old……..)

The thing that just delights me and makes me feel (……as one of my nephews used to say….) “All squishy inside!”…… the love and passion you feel toward your Camaros! People would come up to me and shyly ask if I would mind signing their Camaro…..………are you KIDDING ME? I am honored and flattered to be able to do so!........ BUT – after signing the Camaro and shaking hands and asking “how do you like your new Camaro” – invariably the response is “ I LOVE MY CAMARO!” That just makes me want to jump over the moon!

Another thing that surprised me: The amount of money invested in making each Camaro ‘distinctly yours.’ I don’t think that there was a ‘stock’ Camaro in the parking lot save for the Convertibles we brought from Detroit!

“Team Camaro” has worked long and hard to bring you the best Camaro ever – and we hope this will be the best car you’ve ever owned. But be assured that we are not, for one minute, taking anything for granted – and we continue to work on improvements – for we cannot afford to rest for one minute!

So – in closing – I guess I want to say “Thank You” from the bottom of my “Chevy Bowtie Shaped Heart” -- for your enthusiasm and your loyalty – and for driving all the way to Chandler to gather together and celebrate this ‘friend’ – this ‘pal’ that we call “Camaro!”

Your Camaro Comrade,

(aka Fbodfather)

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Mrs. Bunny to you
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Woot!! Indeed, well said. Thanks to all that helped out!

And thanks to you guys at GM Scott for coming out. It really makes the customer feel connected when you guys come out and party with us! Loved listening to you tell stories in the parking lot! My fiance Skip thinks the world of you!
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Well put Scott, it was a pleasure meeting you. It's amazing how a car and web site can bring such a great group of people. I have some life long friends because of both!!!
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Fat Boy
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Well said Scott.........
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Ahh, I'm going to get “All squishy inside!”...

Thank you Scott.

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How U Doin?
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Well said Scott and it was a pleasure meeting you.
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Amen!! Well said as always!!

Ready for the next one???
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Catch me if you can
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No Scott, thank YOU!!! I was very pleased to see how personable you and your GM crew were! When a few of you drove back to the pavillion and Cheryl got out and spotted my little girl in her stroller and started up a conversation with my wife, I was impressed. Please tell her that my wife had a very pleasent time talking with her, and we hope she enjoyed the smiles our little one flashed at her.

I also had fun talking to you about my car and the possibilities in Yuma. Thank you for those kind words of advice.

Thank you also for signing my hat. It took my wife ripping off my head to get it done, but I am deeply thankful for for your kindness.

Keep up the good work! I can't wait for the next time we cross paths.
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Originally Posted by KILLER74Z28 View Post
Ahh, I'm going to get “All squishy inside!”...

Thank you Scott.
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Mr Twisty

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Originally Posted by KILLER74Z28 View Post
Ahh, I'm going to get “All squishy inside!”...

Thank you Scott.

You guys needed bigger hats to keep your secrets under. I'm sure you're not finished with the car and sitting on your.............. laurels.... right?

Good to see you guys again, thanks for coming out and putting up with my questions. Number 3 would be PROUD of your answers
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You and Team Camaro made this trip totally unforgettable! The weekend goes in the "book" with all my other best memories connected with this car (and I'm gonna need a bigger book ).
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9 YEARS on Camaro5/6
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Well i want to say something back to Fbodfather, and all the other people who make the Camaro possible. We all get on the internet, daydream about the Camaro, complain about things we don't love with the car(weight) but..
then i stand next to one. Damn is it cool. And CamaroFest was an awesome Camaro experience. The Camaro is a Dream Car, and i'm thankful for those who make it possible.
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Born Olds, Living Chevy
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Well said! It was great seeing the Gm team there as I know how much time and money it takes to get you and your goodies to AZ.

Keep up the good work!
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Very nicely said, Scott!

Sounds and looks like everybody had a GREAT time.
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