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Thumbs up Transmission and differential fluid change

I'm sure it has been covered before, but I figure a little positive reinforcement couldn't hurt.

I decided to change my trans and diff fluid today. I've only had the car for a week or so and I noticed that If I really hammered it in first, second gear was not a guaranteed event. At first I thought it was just me getting acquainted with the tremec (my last muscle car was a 5.0 5spd manual) but after a few ugly missed first to second shifts I was beginning to question the tranny. Needless to say, I've missed second more than a few times. With normal driving it was a bit "notchy" and just an "unclean" shift feeling.

Afte some research I decided on the fluid. I put Mobil 1 synthetic ATF in the trans and RP 75w90 in the diff. (I did the diff for piece of mind and because I had the car up, no prior discrepancies noted)

When I got in the car to take it off the ramps I could immediately tell the difference. Much smoother engagement right off the bat. The first few shifts in where a world of difference. Once I got it warmed up and found an open patch of road I gave it hell. What a difference. First to second still took somewhat of a firm yank, but it was loads better than before. The rear diff was not noisy before, but the fluid was quite dirty when it came out. Nothing to note here other than it is still quiet and I have piece of mind.
I highly recommend changing out your fluids if you haven't yet.

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Glad it worked out for you.

Keep an eye on your clutch/brake fluid reservoir. You will need to flush it out fairly regularly due to the accumulation of abrasive clutch dust that gets trapped inside the system. You may opt to separate the 2 fluid reservoirs as an upgrade. The brake fluid stays clean that way and you will need to flush out much less fluid from the clutch system. Dirty fluid ruins the hydraulics.
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How many miles did you have?
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