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Sesiom Summers
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It is possible a HPTunner could messed up the computer?

Hello guys, today I was visiting my old friends of Centra Flordia Turbo, arround 4 pm a Puerto Rican guy in a SS camaro (10-13) told us he wanted to do a new Turbo Setup on his car, one of the guys checked the car and notice the oddometer, hud and other stuff on the car was acting weird, the owner told us someone in the Lakeland area used HP tunners on his car and damage his computer... the car should had something like 60k but some times it show 600k, some times it show nothing, some times show random numbers, its all messed up, so do the HUD and the dash...

I Never heard of this before on ANY car... what in the world could happend with this camaro? I know something about HP tunners but... I dont think it could mess up the car computer like this...

at the end the guys at CFT didnt accept this car because there is something really really wrong with the car and its not in condition to install a turbo and even less to be tuned "again"
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My 5th

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Corrupting data in a computer is fairly common, and can be done in a number of ways. Any device with the capability to write to memory can send corrupted data to the program section of memory. In addition, the board can be physically damaged by electrical discharge or physical contact, broken electrical traces, etc. He might need a complete new unit.
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Welcome to the 21st century. Not a day goes by that I don't rant, cuss and rave at some computer chipped device. And these are ostensibly devices that haven't been effed with. Katy bar the door when someone actually attempts to alter the programming of a modern day computer. Remember, your phone (and possibly coffee maker) has some order of magnitude above the computing capacity of Apollo rockets that went to the moon and back.
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Corrupt data certainly, happens all the time. Physical damage from HP tuners not a chance, static discharge? No not from HP Tuners.
I interface laptops with different equipment everyday. Upload and download programs and firmware. Yes occasionally it goes bad, sometimes very bad.
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"Have you tried turning it off and on again?"
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I blame it on baby oil. They put it on everything.
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old school chevy rodder
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Actually its not the baby oil: its the talcum see, talc is mined, and it just happens to be where a couple more rare types of asbestos also formed, so until the mid 70's babys bottoms where dusted with major asbestos..... Just a fascinating fact I thought I would share, between that and the arsenic in all the pressure treated play ground equipment and the lead in our paint ....well some got brain damaged, like say someone who was named Barrack for instance.... Who names a kid Barrack its like a cat coughing up a fir ball.....
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