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Recommended service?

So, here's my situation. I had owned a 2012 2LT/RS which I traded in 2015 for a Charger SXT AWD, because the Camaro was just giving me too many problems and at the time I didn't really feel like investing for snow tires.

I hated the charger. The 8 gear system/transmission was horrible, Dodge service completely ignored some transmission issues (you can even see that other people had similar issues on Dodge forums) and I just overall didn't like the cosmetic styling of the charger. Maybe if I had an SRT I'd feel differently, who knows.

Anyway, I found a decent deal out of state on a 2015 2SS/RS. The price was about 3-4k less than other 2SS/RS models, same year, same mileage. I went into the buy knowing there would be some necessary repairs, paint damage, etc.

Needless to say a large majority of what needs done on the car is covered under bumper to bumper warranty that is still active and eventually I'll need to scoop a set of 18's with snow tires and eventually a summer set of wheels and tires as well (the stock wheels are curb damaged, not extremely bad but definitely to a point where it would be wise to get new wheels). Beyond that, a nice detail / wet sand / paint correction / chip repair will get the car in decent shape. I used to be super meticulous and get really upset over a tiny chip or scratch, but honestly it doesn't bother me as much anymore and again with a good detail 80-90% of the existing cosmetic paint damage can be buffed or sanded out without getting into actual body shop repairs.

Anyway, it's obvious the original owner neglected the car. Didn't take it in for repairs and just did other stupid shit - they tinted the car and obviously used alcohol-based cleaners on it causing the tint to chip in a bunch of areas. I feel like I saved a puppy from the streets by taking this camaro under my wing, haha.

I am curious though as to what I should have looked at or have repaired/done on the vehicle. Approaching 16k miles. Oil just changed by dealer. At about 20k miles I am going to change oil out with Mobil 1/K&N filter, with a K&N air filter as well. Minus those 2, are there other areas I should investigate given the original owner may have treated this car harshly? I see people talking about transmission fluid changes and other things, but I also don't want to get into unnecessary repairs.

Also - when I grab a set of 18s/snow tires and replace them come next winter, does the car need an alignment every time a new set of wheels are put on? Like if I have a set of summer and winter wheels and swap them out upon season change, does it have to go in for an alignment every time?

I am new to owning a V8 and wasn't entirely sure what I should keep an eye on, get done now to prevent future problems, etc. Any help would be appreciated!
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Congrats on your new puppy...i mean camaro lol. If it were me, I would change all the fluids (in exception to the oil since the dealer just changed yours). So, transmission and diff fluids and inspect the cabin filter/ engine filter.
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If your winters are the same OD as the OEM tires you shouldn't need an alignment. One way to check your alignment it to use a depth gauge. Check each tire outside/center/inside. If they are the same depth across each tire and pretty close across the pair on each axle you should be good.

I bought a set of Scorpions the same as OEM size and had them mounted on my rashed OEM wheels. I just ordered new wheels and summers for my Camaro tonight (c'mon Spring!)

Sounds like you got a good deal, congratulations.
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