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Ecliptech Shift-i Progressive Shift Light Install

Installed an Ecliptech Shift-i progressive shift light and wanted to share some of the process. The shift light itself can be found here ( Note that I also elected to use an MSD "GMR" Tach Signal Pickup, can be found here (, because I have heard the shift light's sensitivity needs to typically be set very high to work with the GM ignition system I figured the pickup would ensure proper operation. One more added benefit of the MSD pickup is that you do not have to cut/strip or splice any wires under the hood, instead you place the pickup's metal bracket around one of the pink wires on an ignition coil and you're good to go.

#1 - Install the MSD pickup and run wire through firewall

I found a great thread talking about an empty hole most Camaros seem to have in the engine firewall just above where the red battery cable passes through the firewall. You will need to utilize this hole, here is the thread:

Put the MSD wire through the hole into the firewall and then make your way under the brake rez and along the firewall until you get to the cylinder closest to the drivers seat. Then run the wire under or along the black metal bracket that all of the ignition coils are mounted to to get the pickup to the pink wire on cylinder #1 (front driver's side cylinder). Use cable ties to ensure your wiring stays put. Here is a picture showing my pickup in place on cylinder #1:

#2 - Install shift light in position

Select a location for your shift light, in my case I chose to mount it just below the digital screen that sits in between the speedo and tach. There are three small wires that come out of the Shift-i light, using a dremel with a cone-shaped grinding bit I made a small slot for the three wires to go straight into (position was critical as you wont be able to move the light much once the wires are through the dash, take your time lining things up correctly before you cut). I stuffed all the wires into the slot and fed them through all the way until the light sit flush like this:

To make it easy to run the wires you can remove the steering column trim by removing four bolts on the underside of the column. The wires from the shift light should run over the steering column and over to the fuse panel on the driver's side of the dash. Place a zip tie or two on the bundle of wires to secure them and keep them together.

Once you are happy with the wiring use the supplied adhesive strips to affix the shift light. Here is a driver's eye view of the light installed:

#3 - Make the electrical connections

Fortunately this step is extremely simple. The MSD pickup and the shift-i light have identical wiring, a ground (black), a positive 12v (red) and a "signal" wire (blue or green depending on which device), these need to be connected to *respectively*; a ground lug, a 12v switched fuse circuit and "each other". The Camaro gives us a perfect void space (marked in yellow) to make the connections after you remove the fuse panel cover:

I purchased some crimp-able washers at Autozone to use to make a ground lug. I chose to use the large screw just beyond the fuse panel, removed the screw, placed the washer under the screw (which I had crimped a 16 gauge green wire into) and re-torques the screw down. I ran the single green wire into the yellow box (pictured above) and using a crimp connector connected both the ground of the shift light and the MSD pickup to the ground lug. To generate the 12V tap I referred to the following pic in another thread:

I purchased a fuse tap ("mini blade fuse add-a-circuit, can be found here: I removed the OEM 20 amp fuse, placed that fuse into the lower slot of the fuse tap, placed a spare 5 amp fuse I had into the top slot of the fuse tap (providing "some" protection to the shift light, a 2 amp fuse is probably better...), and finally placed the entire fuse tap/add-a-circuit into the fuse panel. You do have to push a bit and let the fuses bend slights, it's very snug in there, but it will work and is actually quite tidy. Here is a closer pic:

You can then run the pre-connected red wire into the void space and connect to both red wires from the pickup and the shift light with a crimp-able barrel connector. Last connection is the "signal" wires, this is connecting the amplified spark pulse output from the MSD pickup to the sensing circuit within the shift light. Again, use a crimp-able barrel connector to make the connection. You are in biz at this point! Closer view of connections I made:

Only things left to do are button the trim pieces back up (the void space that we used for the wiring is covered by the trim but not tightly, wire clearance will not be a problem but the birds nest will remain enclosed within that box which is convenient. At this point you need to refer to the Ecliptech user manual (here: to set your lower/upper rpm points etc...

HAVE FUN! and let me know if you have any questions or need help. I'll try to get some gopro of the Shift-i in action at my next autocross and will post.
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