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sway bars, is there any reason they are all different??

i dont mean that one brand is slightly bigger than another, i mean some have bigger front bars than rear, some have equal front and rear, and some have bigger rear than front....

trying to decide between which to get and the price differences, it gets a bit confusing...why would one company prefer a bigger front than read, while another is the opposite? isnt one way or another right, and if not , why not?

lookin t the LG motorsports ones, they seem like a great deal for their size, but the same front and rear, while respected brands have different front and rear, and often the opposite ...
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Don't Like it? Suggit.
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Get the biggest, stiffest adjustable bar you can find and you'll be quite happy. All you should worry about is the ability to adjust your rigidity, and how stiff the max rigidity is. You can always adjust down if you want a little less oversteer

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Cyber Gray
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get them and you will enjoy every single turn !!
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Caper, very timely question. Take a look at how sway bars have changed C5 member Buffnshine's balance, and the development that goes into a properly sized set of sway bars in this report by

There is a method behind the madness when engineers set out to design a matched set of sway bars. Companies methods will vary, but as you will read, the outcome is perma-grin when you get the sizing right!
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Some help here. The size of the diameter of the bar is only 1 factor out of many that determine the stiffness of a bar. Wall thickness, the actual bends in the bar, the type of end on the bar, And the type of material of the bar are more factors that help to determine the bar stiffness. As stated before best thing to do is get a bar that can be adjusted front and rear. Hope that helps.
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BMR guy

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As mentioned above, there are more factors beyond diameter that determine the rate of the sway bar. This is accomplished with different wall thicknesses and different lever arm lengths.

Some companies just increase both bar diameters an equal amount assuming that the factory got the front-to-rear balance correct. GM specifically engineered understeer into this platform, a common practice for OE high performance cars because it makes them "safer" to drive for inexperienced drivers. Everyone has their opinion about this but we prefer to neutralize the understeer and start with a balanced car. To neutralize the understeer it takes a rear bar rate almost twice as stiff as the OE rate. This can be accomplished with the softest hole on our rear bar.
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Originally Posted by caper View Post
why would one company prefer a bigger front than rear, while another is the opposite? isn't one way or another right, and if not , why not?
Great question.

The 5th Gen delivers from the showroom floor as a very well mannered car. It drives exceptionally well until you begin to reach the upper 20 or 25% of capability. Under that the car feels well mannered and balanced. Above that the understeer or push becomes obvious.
  • An after market bar that has a larger front than rear bar will increase understeer. Less lean and roll but more understeer.
  • Stronger but equal strength bars front and rear raise the threshold on understeer.
  • Stronger but equal strength adjustable bars front and rear allow you to alter the bar bias front to rear. Less lean and roll with less understeer depending on adjustment
  • A stronger front bar with a much stronger rear bar shifts the car toward an oversteer bias. Less lean and roll and less understeer.
  • Adjustable front and rear bars with a much stronger rear rear bar shifts allows you to create a great bias toward oversteer as well as dial it down. Less lean and roll with a much higher 'fun factor'
  • A monster rear bar also helps distribute load more evenly at the drag strip.

Hopefully this answers your question. If not, let me know.
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