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4th Generation Camaros 1993-2002

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Brother is buying a '94 3.4 V6 Camaro - Need some help

My brother is buying a '94 3.4L V6 Camaro with 83K that has been well maintained and all wear parts recently replaced. I have a few questions:

Does anyone have a good site for purchase old camaro parts directly?

The car is idling rough so I am going to replace spark plugs and see if that helps. Should I also replace the throttle body or wait for the problem to get worse? (what spark plugs does this car use - I'm being lazy and hoping someone has a link.)

Second, the car has been garage kept most of its life but the engine wiring is original - should it be replaced?

Is there any danger in replacing the power steering fluid?

The front end was backed into and replaced at some point with an aftermarket piece that doesn't fit well. Is there a good aftermarket company that makes body panels that actually fit or anyone that sells used OEM parts?

Are there any other problems I should be aware of that are common to this vehicle?

Thank you for any help you can give!
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If the Camaro has the original spark plug wires I would change them. Be sure to use AC Delco plugs or ones specified in the owners manual. One common problem is the fuel pump in the tank. If the engine has insufficient fuel pressure the car can miss, lag or be difficult to start. I had my fuel pump changed at around 150,000 miles a couple years ago.

If you have the 5 speed manual be sure to check the fluid level on the hydraulic clutch. Other common problems, door window electric motors, and windshield wiper motors. My 1994 has 165,000 miles, uses no oil and still runs and drives good. Mine gets between 22 & 26 MPG in my rural driving. I get about 27-28 MPG on trips.

The body on mine is rough, it has sit out side it's whole life and the clear coat is coming off, it's 21 years old. My dash also cracked because I let it set in the sun but other wise the interior is pretty good. Mine is not fast but I enjoy driving it.
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