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4th Generation Camaros 1993-2002

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Jack Frost
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Help With Emissions?

Hey i'm a new user to this website. Although I've read many posts, this is my first.

I have a 1994 v6 3.4L Camaro with 143k Miles and when ever the car is running or was recently running there is an exhaust smell that almost smells a bit like raw gasoline. There are a few factors to narrow this smell down however.

My Emissions Test --- This Car/Accepted Limit
Hydrocarbons(HC)Grams/Mile --- 2.94 --- 0.80
Carbon Monoxide(CO)Grams/Mile --- 83.97 --- 12.00
Oxides of Nitrogen(NOX)Grams/Mile --- 1.80 --- 2.00


There is a small amount of white smoke on start up that I'm pretty sure is oil leaking into the combustion chamber but I don't think this is what I'm smelling. What other reason could there be for my car to fail emissions like this and have this smell?

I've changed the air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs/wires, oil, radiator flushed and recently seafoamed the brake booster intake. I haven't taken it back through emissions testing because i am afraid the smell is the cause of my failure. I was told oil burning will not fail my car.

UPDATE: I have located the charcoal filter and its pretty stinky.. could this be failing my emissions test?

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