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Old 08-12-2010, 11:18 PM   #1

Drives: Audi S4
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: NJ
Posts: 760
Current Specials at Detailer's Domain

Hey all please subscribe to this thread for all the latest and greatest deals at Detailer's Domain!

Don't forget you save 10% by using CAMARO as a Promo Code!
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Old 08-12-2010, 11:19 PM   #2

Drives: Audi S4
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: NJ
Posts: 760
Hey its like the title states

15% off using Promo Code - PRIMA

Free shipping on orders over $49.95.

Promo starts now

Ends 8/20/2010

A few things to look at

Microfiber Towels
Brinkmann TuffMax LED Spotlight
Kwazar Mercury Pro + .5 Liter Bottles
Prima Car Care Line
Adam's In and Out Spray
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Old 08-12-2010, 11:21 PM   #3

Drives: Audi S4
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: NJ
Posts: 760

Okay since some have asked for the product here I have decided to bring it in after testing it out. (Mindflux)

I like what I see or I would not bring it in, Nick and Heather at Prima are class acts and super easy to deal with.

So here you go:

Prima Car Care is an exclusive line of car care products custom-tailored to the most demanding auto aficionado.

The formulas are unique. Great lengths were taken, and no expense spared, in order to create a family of products second to none. Thoughtful design even went into the packaging. The bottles are short and wide for a reason. A solid base and low center of gravity means you are less likely to tip over your glass cleaner as you reach for your QD. If we put this much thought into the package, image what we did with what goes into the bottle.

Prima Clarity Glass Cleaner
Prima Nero Dressing
Prima Wheel Armour
Prima Mystique Car Wash
Prima Slick Detail Spray

Leather Treatment
Prima Nourish

Prima Amigo
Prima Finish
Prima Swirl
Prima Cut

Last steps
Prima Epic
Prima Banana Gloss
Prima Hydro

We will be offering 15% off and free shipping over $49.95 (Offer for the Contiguous US)
Promotion code "PRIMA" at checkout

Offer starts now
Offer ends Aug, 20, 2010

We are looking to ship by Aug 13, 2010

Click here to start shopping.

- offer is 15% off the total of the shopping cart prior to shipping
- No Stacking Codes.
- Coupon valid on in stock items. Not applicable on previously placed orders, special order items, pressure washers, Sprint Boosters, vacuums, gift certificates.
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Old 08-20-2010, 09:23 PM   #4

Drives: Audi S4
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: NJ
Posts: 760
SONAX Full Effect Wheel Cleaner

Precision Wheel Cleaner for safe and effective removal of brake dust and stubborn dirt

SONAX Wheel Cleaner is a highly effective, acid-free and pH balanced rim and wheel cleaner that is safe for all wheels, including aluminum and alloys. This formulation is also effective and safe for use on painted wheels and will not deteriorate clear coats.

SONAX Wheel Cleaner contains unique chemical ingredients that effectively dissolves the sintered iron by forming a water soluble iron complex. During the use of your vehicle, brake dust and road grime become sintered to the surface of rims and wheels due to the high temperature conditions they are normally exposed. Brake dust contains high levels of iron and once sintered to the rim, becomes extremely difficult to dissolve or remove without the use of harsh chemicals.

SONAX Wheel Cleaner sprays on as a thick, flourescent grean foam. As the cleansing foam begins to work into the dirt and grime, the formula begins to turn red. The red coloration is the SONAX Wheel Cleaner forming a bond to the sintered iron on the wheel and changing its state to a water soluble complex for easy removal. Stubborn, baked on grime may take a small amount of agitation. Rinse wheels thoroughly with a power washer and wipe dry.

MSRP - $19.99.

So here is the test I did over the weekend. First I used this on the VW R32 and got amazing results, unfortunately no pictures.

Was able to do some more testing and the test subject a 2010 Audi S4, with all the bad weather I figured this was a great time to test it out. 4-5 weeks without washing the car (due to rain, snow, northeast winter)

Take a look I followed the instructions to the tee and got some amazing results, dare I say this will be a hit! I'm going to say even better than my favorite wheel cleaner.

Before shot of the wheel

Sprayed it on, and it was immediately green as stated in the directions

Started to turn purple within minutes

Take a look at it cleaning. (this was after quickly using the Uber Spoke Brush and Uber Boar's Hair Brush nothing crazy just a quick brushing)

Used a power washer (Cam Spray) and they looks great!

Needless to say I was impressed so impressed we will be carrying this asap.
I know most know what my favorite wheel cleaner is here and I've been using it for 15 years and I think I just found its replacement.

Click here to buy yours today SONAX Wheel Cleaner. (Don't forget to add your discount code)
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Old 08-20-2010, 09:24 PM   #5

Drives: Audi S4
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: NJ
Posts: 760
Since its been such a hit we are running a special on them.

Reg Price - $19.95 ---> Promo Price ---> $17.95 each

Don't forget your forum discount code....

Also orders over $49.95 will automatically have the option of getting Free Shipping via FEDEX Ground

Click below to purchase:
Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner at $17.95 for a limited time

(Promo ends 8/31/2010)
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Old 11-12-2010, 09:39 PM   #6

Drives: Audi S4
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: NJ
Posts: 760
The Ultimate Wheel Cleaner is now priced at $15.95!

In efforts to get the best safe wheel cleaner out to you all Sonax USA has now reduced the price to $15.95! That's a $4 Savings from the old list price of $19.95.

Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner

We also have the 3 pack of Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner at $43.06!

We now have the 5 liter Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner in stock!
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Old 11-23-2010, 09:58 PM   #7

Drives: Audi S4
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: NJ
Posts: 760
Happy Holidays! Save big on our Black Friday Special

Order up to $99.99 and get 15% off your total shopping cart
when you use the Code - BLACKFRIDAY15

Order from $100 to $349.99 and get 20% off
when you use the Code - BLACKFRIDAY20

Orders over $350 will get 25% off.
when you use the Code - BLACKFRIDAY25

This promotion Starts at


and will End at
midnight on 11/28

Flat shipping of $8.88 on all orders!
(Shipping promo for the Lower 48 US)

Also we will randomly give these FREEBIES out.

kristal klar concentrate for 1 gallon - Valued at $1.99
Uber black microfiber - Valued at $4.99
Uber No Name Towels - Valued at $6.95
Lusso Autobathe- Valued at $9.95
Adam's Car Wash- Valued at $9.95
Einszett Perls Shampoo - Valued at $9.95
Adam's Water Wash - Valued at $9.95

Items to consider -

Bulk Microfiber Towels

50 pack of Uber Classics
50 pack of Uber All Purpose

Uber Microfiber Towels

Stock up on Uber Foam Buffing Pads

4 inch Uber Buffing Pads
5.5 inch Uber Buffing Pads
6.5 inch Uber Buffing Pads

Get the proper Winter Gear for your ride!

Innovative IceDozer Mini Ice Scraper
Innovative IceDozer Plus

YouTube - IceDozer Demonstration Video

Stock up on Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner!

Pick up a kit for that special someone
Uber Wheel/Tire Kit
Einszett Interior Kit
Einszett Start Kit
Porter Cable 7424XP with Prima Car Care

Great time to stock up on the Kwazar Mercury Pro!

(Note: Sorry no stacking codes. We can not go back and credit orders. All orders will start shipping on Monday Nov 29, 2010. Back ordered items will ship as we receive them.)

Restrictions - Pressure Washers, Paint Meters, Racatac, Tires

Have fun and enjoy!
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Old 12-03-2010, 03:03 AM   #8

Drives: Audi S4
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: NJ
Posts: 760
Many of you have winter on your mind. Well I have something to make it all better, Swissvax Shield is one of the most durable carnauba waxes around.

I have a few left in the old pot. Here is your time to get your ride ready for the winter months. Limited qty so once they go its gone.

List price - $169.00
Discount - $25.35 (15% off)

Sub total - $143.63
Forum discount code - $14.57 (additional 10%)

Total after promotion - $129.08

Total savings $39.92!

Click here to get in on Swissvax Shield

Product description

Shield with "non-stick"-PTFE Car Wax

200 ml
  • Innovative system for the ultimate protection of all types of paintwork
  • Creates an ingenious protection shield for your paintwork offering a proverbial "Teflon-pan-effect" thanks to which dirt and insects barely can't adhere
  • Strongly recommended for daily driven cars which are exposed to increased immissions
  • Prepare the paintwork with Paint Rubber and Cleaner Fluid prior to the wax application

Swissvax Shield is a modern and innovative system for the ultimate protection of all types of paintwork - also under the harshest conditions. Shield is a special Carnauba wax which was enriched with non-stick PTFE in order to create an ingenious protection shield for your paintwork. Thank to the proverbial "Teflon-pan-effect" dirt and insects barely can't adhere at all to the as smooth as glass paintwork surface.

We strongly recommend the application of Swissvax Shield on daily driven vehicles, winter vehicles, all vehicles that aren't parked in a garage and that are cleaned in a car wash only.

A wax container of 200ml is sufficient for 10 to 15 wax applications whereby we recommend you to wax your vehicle every 3 to 6 months meaning that with one container of wax you can maintain your automobile investment for more than two years in a condition which usually is reserved to award-winning classics.
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Old 12-05-2010, 07:53 PM   #9

Drives: Audi S4
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: NJ
Posts: 760
We have had many request for this one so here it is.....

Free Shipping on orders over $49.95 till Dec 31, 2010

(Applies to Contiguous U.S.)

Don't forget these current specials and popular items.

Adam's In and Out Spray - Buy 3 get one FREE!
Swissvax Wheel Brush 3 Pack
1Z Einszett Winter Kit with Mini Ice Scraper
Swissvax Shield Premium Carnauba Wax
The Ultimate Wheel Cleaner - Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner 3 Pack
50 Pack of Uber Classic MF Towels

Please add your forum discount code and enjoy the holidays!
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Old 12-26-2010, 07:43 PM   #10

Drives: Audi S4
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: NJ
Posts: 760
Thanks everyone for a great 2010!

Let's ring in 2011 with a 20% off Code with no min!

Promo code - 2011

Starts: Now
Ends: Jan 1 (Midnight Eastern Time)

On top of that FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $49.95.
- Shipping Promo applies to ground service within the 48 contiguous United States

Some items to think about....

1Z einszett Winter Care Kit

1Z einszett Eistau De-Icer Spray
Ice Dozer Mini Ice Scraper
Ice Dozer Plus
Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner 3 + 1
Menzerna Power Lock
1Z einszett Glanz Wax
Uber Classic Microfiber Towels 50 Pack
Optimum No Rinse

Restrictions: Promotion Codes are not applicable on previously placed orders, Paint Meters, polishers & polisher kits, vacuums, Buy 3 + 1, Gift Codes
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Old 01-18-2011, 07:46 PM   #11

Drives: Audi S4
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: NJ
Posts: 760

Hey all!

If you are like me right now you're feeling down from the cold, snowy, wet weather.

I hope this will cheer you up a bit and get you out of the WINTER BLUES.

Here's a 20% off coupon to help you during these times.

Promo code- WINTER

Start Date: Now
End Date: Jan 22, 2011 (midnight eastern time)

Here are some items to check out -

3 Plus 1 Deals
Ice Scrapers and Snow Removal Brushes
Victoria Wax
Uber Foam Pads
Kwazar Mercury Pro Bottles
Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner
Optimum No Rinse

Enjoy and Stay Warm!
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Old 01-27-2011, 05:23 PM   #12

Drives: Audi S4
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: NJ
Posts: 760
Here is the official GB on the Adam's Polishes New Essentials Kit.

(we should be able to ship the 2nd/3rd week of Feb, 2011)

Retail Price: $199.95
Save 15% off - $30!

Group Buy Price - $169.95.

Click here to order the Adam's Essentials Kit

(feel free to save more with your forum discount code)

This kit is great for the newbie or the car lover that wants it all!

Take a look at what it comes with

New cars are expensive, but you can retain more value while making your car look its best with Adam's Essentials Car Detailing Kit. Our third generation kit is a best seller, and now it's better than ever! It's easier to use and packed with premium car care products.

Adam's Essentials Car Detailing Kit makes car care fast and easy! That's because our best selling detailing kit includes the right tools to get the job done in five easy steps:

STEP 1: Wash and dry your car to remove loose dirt. Adam’s Professional Wash Pad and Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo gently cleans the exterior of your car without scratching. You and your car will both love the experience, because Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo make tons of luxurious suds, it's easy on your skin, and it smells great. You'll dry your car with an Adam's Great White Microfiber Drying Towel. It's the softest, most absorbent drying towel available.

STEP 2: Deep clean your car's paint with Adam's Detail Clay Bar. It's the fast, professional, and safe way to remove bonded contamination from your car's clearcoat finish. Adam's Detail Clay Bar cleans and smoothes your car's paint, glass and chrome without harsh abrasives. Adam's Detailing Clay Bar is the right tool to use to remove paint overspray, factory fallout, brake dust, diesel soot, bonded bug remains, fine tree sap particles, insect droppings, iron deposits, and more. In fact, just about any fine particle that bonds to your car's paint can be safely removed with Adams Detailing Clay.

STEP 3: Polish your paint with Adam's Swirl & Haze Remover. It works great with the orange side of our 2 sided flip pad to gently and safely remove minor swirl marks, haze, oxidation, and uneven tones from your paint. Adam's Swirl & Haze Remover is the right way to start any paint correction and the high density, color matched foam pad makes it fast and easy!

STEP 4: Apply Adam's Revive Fine Hand Polish. Revive is a non-corrective paint polish that's formulated to keep your car's paint in perfect condition without harsh abrasives. Adam's Revive Polish works with our color coded blue foam polishing pad to clean deep into your paint's microscopic pores, making your clearcoat as clear as it can possibly be. At the same time, Reveive's ultra fine polishes restore gloss and a deep hard shine. As it works, Adam's Revive Polish wets the paint with essential oils, making your car's finish darker, rich and radiant.

STEP 5: Wax your car with Adam's Buttery Car Wax, the easiest car wax you'll ever use. At Adam's Polishes, we believe that simple is always better. That's why we made Adam's Buttery Car Wax so simple and easy to apply in the shade, sun, hot or cold. It really doesn't matter how or where your apply it, Adam's Buttery Car Wax is super easy, so you can enjoy waxing your car again. Made using a modern blend of polymers for strength and high grade Carnauba wax for beauty, Adam's Buttery Car Wax sacrifices nothing. When used with our revolutionary color coded Hex Grip Wax Applicator it'll be the best waxing you've ever experienced, Guaranteed!

STEP 6: Apply Adam's Super VRT (Vinyl, Rubber & Tire) Dressing to your car's tires, rubber and plastic trim. Adam's VRT is a safe, water based, cream formula containing modern polymers that coat and bond to all vinyl, plastic and rubber for premium protection and natural beauty. Adam's VRT makes all exterior trim and rubber surfaces look dark and rich, not wet and greasy.

To keep your car looking spotless between washes, use Adam's Detail Spray with a clean Adam's Double Soft Plush Microfiber Towel. Just mist and wipe.

For best protection and car appearance, Adam's recommends the five step process each season as preventative maintenance and care.

Your Adam's Essentials Kit includes:

Adam's 4.5 Gallon Bucket with Sealed, Spin-Off Lid, Adam's Great White Drying Towel, Adam's Professional Wash Pad, Adam's Car Wash Shampoo (16oz), Adam's All-Purpose Cleaner (16oz), Adam's Detail Spray(16oz), Adam's Detail Clay Bar (200 grams), Adam's Super VRT (16oz), Adam's Swirl and Haze Remover (16oz), Adam's Revive Fine Hand Polish (16oz), Adam's Buttery Wax (16oz), 2 Double Soft Microfiber Towels
, Foam Flip Pad, Hex Grip Buttery Wax Applicator, 2 Adam's Super Block Dressing applicator Sponges, Adam's Grit Guard Bucket Insert.

Click here to order the Adam's Essentials Kit

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Old 01-27-2011, 05:47 PM   #13
user bann'd
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I just placed a order for some glass cleaner and the wheel cleaner.......

Chantilly Lace, the 2011 Rockabilly Jukebox..ADM built..617rwhp, geared A6.
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Old 01-27-2011, 05:52 PM   #14

Drives: Audi S4
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awesome thanks!
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