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Old 12-03-2011, 01:16 PM   #52
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how awful for you to have your beautiful car totaled. Certainly glad you;re alright and you have a positive attitude about it. I hope things get worked out for you and you're back in a Chevy in no time!

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Sorry about the car dude. The important thing is that your okay. Where the other people in the car that hit you alright?
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That sucks about your car, but it's amazing that you walked away from that unharmed.

I'm glad you're okay.
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It weights like a tank... it's visibility is like a tank... and it will protect you like a tank!

I love my Camaro!

I hope you can get your Blacked out SS... so next time someone pull something like that... you see it in your rearview mirrior, not head on!
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Old 12-03-2011, 01:44 PM   #56
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Glad your okay man! Sucks about the car though
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Don't Like it? Suggit.
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Talk about a jinx... Glad you're OK man. Hope insurance pays out nicely, and soon.

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The car can (and will) be replaced... that picture is pretty telling; the accident was really bad, but the important part is nothing happened. Glad you're okay.
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Originally Posted by VADR_H8R View Post
get a lawyer. I hate dealing with other peoples insurance. What you have been through and are going to keep going through are going to be bad enough, you dont need that hassle too. Let your lawyer fight for you. On the brighter side I cant wait to see what you get next!
Get a lawyer? ... For what? No self-respecting attorney will take a property damage only case because there is no money in it for them at all and the client loses out (the attorney takes 33% of the settlement, remember). If it's a minor injury, even if he makes a claim, the offer isn't going to change much if at all. If it stays out of court, 33% + attorney's fees... and if it goes to litigation, 50% + fees.

If there's not a policy limits issue, a fatality or MAJOR dispute, it's almost always a good idea to try to work with the insurance company first. 7 times out of 10 you walk away with more money in your pocket anyway. Attorneys have their place, but it's not minor injury claims. That's what they want you to think.

OP, I'm really sorry about your loss... both your friend and your car. I'm assuming they total the car... so make sure they are running comparable vehicles to get you a fair value. Some insurance companies will just do 'book value,' which can shaft you. Look for vehicles of the same year/make/model, similar mileage and condition and get any receipts for stuff you've done in the last 6 months or so. They won't owe 100% because mods don't really increase the value of the car, but thinks like tint, stripes, tires, maintenance work can sometimes positively affect the value of the car. Good luck and PM me if you have specific Q's. I handle property damage/injury claims for a fortune 100 insurance company. Hope you're feeling better soon and that you get the car situation figured out, as well.

Again, so sorry for the loss of both your friends... :(
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I am Glad to see your Safe the Car Did its Job Sacrificed its Life to save yours.

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Muscle SS
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This makes me feel a lot better about the size and weight of the camaro
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Sorry about your car, glad you're okay. Too bad the other driver couldn't wait 5 more seconds for you to clear the intersection.
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Originally Posted by Mrpaintballordie View Post
Last night I was leaving a friends house heading back onto the island from bluffton on highway 278, a couple days ago one of my friends were telling me how the camaro has a 5 star safety rating in every category and I was impressed but I wasn't thinking anything of it.

I was just getting to the intersection at Buck Island Road and I was doing around 57 mph in the far right lane. I saw this car in the opposite direction making a left turn to turn down buck island road, and wasn't thinking anything of it.

I was assuming they were going to slow down, to check and make sure they were clear to go, next thing I know I look over and their just making the turn, in the middle of the intersection about to hit me head on. I swerved to try to avoid the impact but it was to late. They hit me doing at least 50 mph broad side in the drivers side door. I spun out for a little and landed about 400 ft. Away from the other car in the grass. After realizing what happened I patted myself down to see if anything was broken or anything and then checked on them.

The drivers side door caved in about a foot to two feet, the front tire blew and the whole drivers side was demolished. But I walked out of the car totally unharmed, the only thing is I'm a bit sore from the seat belt but nothing serious. The fire department EMTs arrived and thought they had to cut me out of the wreckage and everyone was amazed at how bad of a wreck it was, but how I was totally unharmed.

I just wanted to share this story with everyone at Chevrolet and everyone ay the camaro5 family, chevy has been in my families blood threw generations and I realized why, they make amazing, safe, gorgeous cars.

I just wanted to say "thank you will all my heart chevy" for your guys smart studying and determination to make a safe car it really paid off for me in my case, you guys saved my life and I can't thank you enough

Last week my friend passed away after loosing control of her BMW and clipped a tree, and I'm fortunate that I was in a camaro during that event if I was in anything else I could of been seriously injured.

Thank you all again, and thank you for your time.
The main thing is your ok we can build you another " Bee " I will pass your story on to the Oshawa Build Team .

Mike Judge

In Memory of Dawson Ellert .
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I am sorry about your friend in the BMW. I am sorry you were in an accident. It looks like you have very good driver skills to avoid an accident like that. Sure the Camaro is a safe car it also takes a real good driver to avoid a fatality accident. Because of your awareness and driving skills you may of not only saved your life but those in the other car. To that thank you very much.
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Damn man, I'm glad that you got out unscratched! I'm glad our cars are built well and hope as few of us as possible have to feel it first hand.

Make sure you post pics of that new SS asap
Build Thread:

Originally Posted by Synner View Post
If you'd rather drive a civic that eats your soul than a camaro that eats your wallet then thats your choice.
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Blue Maro Demon

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Soooo sorry to hear this! Glad to hear that your alright! Insurance can help take care of another Camaro!
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That sucks...Im soooo sorry about car :( Glad ur okay tho.
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That really blows and I am glad you are ok !!!! Cars can be replaced and people can't . I hope it all works out . If the insurance company wants to fix it keep pushing them and make sure they total that thing ....
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