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Red 2010 Camaro
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ZL1 Spoiler Installed - Pics

I am new to the forum and thought all you guys and gals might like to see some pics of the 2012 ZL1 spoiler I recently installed on my 2010 1LT Camaro that I purchased on June 20,2012.

To all of you out there who are interested in this install, it will cost approx. $550.00 for parts and labor, and about Fifteen to Twenty hours of fitting and drilling the additional holes you will need, as well as the disassembly and re-assembly of the car when finished.

The spoiler does not come with a template for the hole locations, due to the fact that is was designed to be used on an OEM ZL1 deck lid. I used the box that it was shipped in to mark all of the hole locations, then took a sharp ball point pen and pushed holes through the cardboard at these locations. Do not use a pen over 1/4 in. diameter!

I then set the spoiler on the box with the mounting studs going through the cardboard, and using a black Sharpie, then drew around the outside for the template outline.

You can then cut out the template from the box using a utility knife. Make sure you use a new blade and be EXTRA careful not to cut yourself! You can then locate the template on the deck lid top to bottom, and left to right. Once you have it close to where you want it, use masking tape in several locations to hold it in place.

The left to right location is easy, but the top to bottom is the hard one. I used pics from the forum of owners taking delivery of their NEW ZL1 Camaros in several colors.

After you are sure you have it EXACTLY where you want it, and it is securely fastened with masking tape, using the hole locations in the template, mark the locations on the deck lid with a center punch used for sheet metal. Make sure you ONLY tap the punch hard enough to locate the hole centers to keep the drill bit from walking away while you are drilling.
There are a total of six 6/32 threaded mounting studs to pull the spoiler down tight to the deck lid. The two in the center use a nylon plastic insert for the install, but I decided to use 6/32 stainless nuts and stainless 1/4 in. washers. If you do this, you will need to drill two holes in the back side of the deck lid with a one and one quarter in. hole saw to gain access to the stud locations.

There are also two additional mounting locations at the ends of the spoiler that have nylon push pins to be used with matching nylon push pin inserts for the deck lid. I drilled clearance holes 1/2 in. in diameter at these locations, as I did not think they were needed. The only other hole you will need to drill is a 1/2 in. diameter hole for the brake light wire to go through.

I used 3/8 in. diameter holes for all the mounting stud locations and 1/2 in. diameter holes for the two holes at the ends at the push pin locations as well as the brake light wire. If you have a Camaro that did NOT come from the factory with a deck lid spoiler you will have a total of nine holes to drill. Make sure that you step drill all the holes starting with a 1/16 in. bit and work up to the finished size needed. Also make sure that you use brand new drill bits that are designed to be used for drilling sheet metal. Use a one/quarter in. diameter ROUND file at ALL the drilled hole locations to remove the burr from the drilled holes.

Make sure you paint all the drilled hole diameters using a tube of color match OEM touch up, available from the parts counter. Also make sure you apply a bead of sealant on the deck lid around each drilled hole prior to the spoiler installation to prevent leaks through the deck lid. The dealer body shop can help you get the correct item to use.

Also when installing the spoiler to the deck lid, use care not to over tighten the mounting stud nuts! They need to be only snug tight!

To locate the wire needed for the spoiler brake light, you will need to remove the rear back seats, the side sail panels, the door sill trim panels, and the panel under the rear glass. You can then gain access to the wire used for the rear window break light and splice into it using a length of sixteen gauge speaker wire. Route the wire from this location through the car and back to the wire connection for the spoiler brake light. You will also need to cut off the OEM connecter at the end of the wire that comes with the spoiler used to light the brake light. You will also need to remove the felt panel under the rear deck lid prior to starting the installation.

As you can clearly see, there is a lot of work involved in the installation of the ZL1 spoiler, but the end result is WORTH IT! If you have any questions regarding the install, feel free to contact me anytime!

If you have a CAN DO attitude like myself, and simple hand and power tools, you can make this happen.

Just keep in mind that I will not be held liable for ANY physical damage done to your Camaro, as well as ANY bodily injury using the above information for the spoiler installation in any way shape or form.
Future mods to the Camaro are ZL1 Wheels and Tires, Lowering Springs, Matt Black Painted Hood, Stainless Headers with High flow Cats, High Flow Rear Section, Hurst shifter, Custom Gauges, and a Forced Fed motor.

Let me know what you think,
Red 2010 Camaro
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Congrats on the install I did mine a little over a month ago I opted to cut off the two tabs for lining up as well as the two new posts so the spoiler would mount in the existing holes. When I pulled off my factory spoiler I noticed the paint was chipping so I went to the dealership and referred to the TSB about the spoiler paint chip issue. The body shop re-painted the deck lid and filled in the holes at no cost

The ZL1 spoiler looks so much better than anything on the market.

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2010 2LT/RS, 2001 Z/28, 2014 Impala 2LT
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Nice! I need to get this spoiler!
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Vengeance Graphix

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Looks good, I love the look of this spoiler
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Hey men, is that a 1098 or a 848? I have a 1098S, 996S and Hypermotard 1100S

Love them all!!!!!
"It does not matter if you win or loose, what matters is if I win" Carl Fogarty
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looks great but dont want to put theat on my 45th yet

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Red 2010 Camaro
Drives: Red 2010 Camaro
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Originally Posted by Jose View Post
Hey men, is that a 1098 or a 848? I have a 1098S, 996S and Hypermotard 1100S

Love them all!!!!!


That would be a 2010 1098 StreetFighter that I purchased in Nov. of 2009. With every Ducati you get a small slice of Italy!

All the best,

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Blu Ray
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Mine was installed in 2 Hours

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Nice write up..but I gotta ask the obvious here..15-20 hrs to prep for a couple drilled holes?.. I mean did ya go on vaca..pass out or what happened there?
"It's not how fast I get there...its how good I look doing it"
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