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Old 11-03-2007, 08:56 PM   #1
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hey everyone, halloween i came home to a open garage, busted out window of house and my ta gone. if you see one popping up please let me know. what sets it off is the chrome 17" 5 star eagles(look like c5 rims) vin 2g2fv22go22127807. as you know the vin is stamped in ttops, etc. this is a low mile show car, so it should turn up somewhere...please call me. 501-231-6907. thanks..i'm afraid it's gone out of state because most of central arkansas is looking for it.
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Ouch bro. Sorry to hear that.
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:( Sorry to hear about your T/A.

I've read numerous stories of people getting their prized automobiles stolen, and they reappear a little while longer either at a car show, on EBAY, and also, unfortunately, stripped, or lost forever.

I hope yours shows up and you're able to get it back. And the SOB that stole it apprehended and punished.

Seeing as it was stolen out of your garage, I wonder if it's someone in your neighborhood who has seen the car? It would seem to me the person who stole it knew about the car.

Hope you get it back asap. I'll post your information on a couple of other sites I frequent.

Good luck.
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Old 11-03-2007, 10:16 PM   #4
Mr. Wyndham
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Sorry to hear it, man. I doubt I will, all the way up here in NY...but If I see anything, I'll give a shout.

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Doubt i will see it here in AZ but who knows ill keep a look out..

Little peice of advice.. take your phone number off the post, have people send you an email to a yahoo account or gmail or even your PM messages here.. this is "officially" free info and anyone could take it and use it.
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Old 11-04-2007, 01:35 AM   #6
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I will be sure to keep a check around my area of Kentucky... I really hope it turns up for ya and they find it. Be sure to keep checkin' in with us and let us know if you get any news on it!
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You're going to have to give us some more info.

1. Color (Int/Ext)-special paint, etc. stripes?
2. List any damage on veh (if any at all...I know it's a show car, but I gotta ask). And if it's a show car, list obvious visual mods we would recognize.
3. Stickers/decals on body/windows?
4. Leather int, right?
5. WS6 hood?

Got the C5 wheels, but get as descriptive as you can for us. I take notice of all the 4th Gens I see...whether it be Camaro or Trans Am. I usually run all of them I see as well...various reasons. And...are we looking for an Arkansas plate? Do you feel comfortable giving the plate # on the site? That'll help too.

Was your home burglarized as well? In other words, what was the main reason they stole your car. Did they break into your home ransacking it and stealing stuff only to run across your keys and say, "Hey...we got a TA." Or, did they break in, skip over all your valuables and go straight to the garage to get the car.

If they left the house alone and just took the car, I'd imagine it's being parted out...stripped. If they ransacked the house and stole other stuff, I'd tend to feel a little bit better that the TA was just part of the goodies stolen. Then, the TA would probably end up somewhere in a parking lot where there's a lot of traffic (Wal-Mart, restaurant, etc.). People hardly ever notice a car that's parked in a high traffic area. People do tend to notice the car that's been parked in the same spot on the side of a random building for a few days.

Also, stupid question, but I have to make sure...You did make the burglary report to your home and the theft of vehicle report, correct? It's got to be entered into TCIC/NCIC in order for any officer to verify it's stolen.

Most stolen cars usually tend to show up w/in 2 weeks. Usually, it's because someone noticed it sitting somewhere for a few days, check it out, and see something wrong. They'll call police and the disp will run it finding it's been stolen. They'll send someone out who verifies it's stolen and then call you to let you know they found it.
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Old 11-04-2007, 05:08 AM   #8
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They had to have the keys. It is a pain in the ass to bypass the passkey system in order to get the thing started. I had the key itself go bad on my old Formula and never really could get it bypassed. I want to say that it involves pulling the steering column apart. So whoever took your car, did it with the keys. Also I doubt they hung onto it for long. A CETA is an instantly recognizable car. You can't fly under the radar in a bright yellow Trans Am for long. I'm really sorry to hear about this. As a fellow Trans Am owner I feel your pain. Good luck in getting it back.
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Old 11-05-2007, 07:37 AM   #9
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Definitely give us more details so we can keep our eyes open for it on ebay and the road!
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Old 03-25-2009, 09:53 PM   #10
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it doesn't bother me my phone number being on privacy has already been violated so whatever...there was decals on rear glass(hotrod power tour,yellow 69 camaro,gsxr)and front glass had large yellow z on it.had chrome 5 star eagle rims,black inlayed bird on front plate delete,headlight door and rear fascia inlayed black as well.i took the guts out of the stock ws6 hood for more air flow,aftermarket clear airlid with black bird decal on it,tint,even the windshield,smoke tailight covers,the computer is reprogrammed hypertech,coolant bypass,the trophy mat was in it,the keys were took off of the key rack by my garage door.needless to say i don't keep keys available anymore,i have a house alarm now as well.there was not a scratch on this car,had approximately 40k miles on it 10-31-07.the drivers side window motor was starting to go out,slp loudmouth exhaust.plate arkansas 408iko.license plate frame"another one of cara's toys",automatic ttop car,the shades were in the ttops,dash mat cover,if you guys recognize anything please let me know.i offer a cash reward.
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Damn, Will keep an eye out man. I'm actually running searches right now!
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Old 03-25-2009, 09:56 PM   #12
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Year and a half later and still nothing?
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Old 03-25-2009, 10:01 PM   #13
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Drives: 69,82,84 & 10 camaros,87 GMC,07z06
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i made a report as soon as i got's ncic v901194454,they took nothing but the ta, they did however come back 2 weeks later and tried to break into my shop, i had it tied into my house alarm and it scared them off.the carfax shows a loss because the police entered it wrong in the system.the pic above shows the oem rims, they were not on vehicle at time.i have my property fenced in and had a chain/lock on gate,they cut it with bolt cutters and busted back window in back of house. in daylight.i had it at the lsx shootout in memphis 2 weekends prior to this and a show the previous weekend it was stolen.i had to have been watched.the lady that lives behind me told me she had been broken in as well so it leads me to believe it wasn't anyone in particular i know.
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That car is either in parts or its out of the US.
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