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Pfadt, Pedders, what changed for 2012

Hey big suspension folks. I have read there have been some changes to the 2012 suspensions. How have your packages changed to accomodate this? I have looked at the Pedders Pace Car package but have only seen kit for 2010-11. I know the bars and end links have changed on the 2012's.

I am going to be looking to do coilovers (for adjustability and ride quality) and sways, plus assorted bushings, trailing arm, toe rods. Of course a package deal would be ideal to save some $$. I like the idea of adjustments on the Pfadt sways. Trying to learn more about what each of your companies offer so any points to links or posts here providing information would be much appreciated.

Oh, the car is going to be driven hard on the street. Track on rare occassion maybe. Plan on dropping 1.25 or maybe as much as 2", we'll see.
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The only difference is that the 2012s have a more solid subframe bushing. They got rid of the voids that we're in the 2010 and 2011. Meaning that you get install bushing inserts. Replacement bushings are good though
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There was a change in the rear subframe mount, but by far the biggest change was in the rear lower control arm. By moving the sway bar pickup point from between the shock and subframe, to outside the shock you end up with a much stiffer sway bar for the same given sway bar dimensions and materials. Your lever arm is longer so you can run a stiffer rear bar than the 2010-2011 sway bar tab would support. This change in rear suspension geometry means we were able to build the sway bar package we always wanted too, but due to limitations in rear roll stiffness the rear lower control arm was able to support we were never able too. In 2012 that all changed.

We've recently released our ZL Spec sway bar package for the 2012 SS, and any 2010-2011 SS that upgrades the rear lower control arms to the 2012 units.

Key features of the ZL Spec Sway Bars include:
  • Front and Rear adjustable sway bars
  • Built to use your factory 2012 rear endlinks
  • The best handling and best balanced sway bar package available for the Camaro
  • Front and Rear bars are hollow. Even though our ZL Spec sway bars are significantly stiffer than the OEM sway bars, they are both lighter than the OEM parts they replace
  • Custom machined QuickSwitch ends in the rear bar make rear sway bar adjustments a snap!

To make this kit work on your non ZL1 2012 car you will need to upgrade the front endlinks, but we have them available as well.

The change in 2012 has allowed us to make a much better sway bar set that will easily handle what ever you can throw at them. Whether your daily driving the car, or tracking the car hard on race tires, these are the best sway bars we've ever built. Check them out below:

FRONT AND REAR ZL SPEC SWAY BARS. You can see the rear sway bar is now much wider than in 2010-2011

Both front and rear bars are adjustable

Quick Switch Rear bar makes rear bar adjustments easy as can be!

Front sway bar comparison chart:

Rear sway bar comparison chart:
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Drives: '02 Trailblazer, '12 Camaro 2SS/RS
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Thank you ...very informative. Think I'll need to more closely at your packages .

Pedders, you out there?
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Originally Posted by IPT View Post
Thank you ...very informative. Think I'll need to more closely at your packages .

Pedders, you out there?
Of course we are, but we have been a bit busy at the track with the Lingenfelter L/28 and Black Pig. Bruce Raymond's Optima efforts have taken up a fair share of my time. Then there is the SONIC Project Gran Sport. All three are headed to the OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational

Running Changes Made to the 5th Gen by Chevrolet

2013 Strut Mount Changes

The front strut mount has been changed slightly for 2013. The change appears to be a simplification of the manufacturing process. Watch this video for the details.

There is no change of substance in terms of function from the older mount to the new mount. The upper coil eye dimension has not been changed. Pedders lowering coils are still a perfect fit to the steel an urethane insulator. You can count on Pedders to bring you the most up-to-date information for your 5th Gen Camaro.

ZL1 Upgraded OEM Toe Links

The Camaro TEAM has made so many improvements to the ZL1 it is hard to keep track of them. It is good to see that the Camaro TEAM is following Pedders advice in the IRS. They have improved the sub-frame bushes, more on this in a later post, and addressed the compliance in the Toe Links.

The steel ferule bonded rubber bush that has been and is used on all other models was too compliant. To address this the ZL1 comes with new bushes.

These are are larger steel jacketed bushes with rubber encapsulated rose joints similar to those used in the hub where the rear upper and lower control arms bolt up. They are similar to Heim joints or spherical bearings in function, but encapsulated in rubber will provide years and years of quiet operation as they are protected from dirt and debris. You could call this the Super Duty 5th Gen Toe Link The bad news for us at Pedders and other aftermarket companies is the new arms are too good If you have a ZL1 coming you will not need Pedders toe link bushes. If your 5th Gen isn't a ZL1, the new toe links are available as an upgrade from your local Chevrolet Dealer P/N 22845487

Our first Z style sways were installed on a customer car in January, so this isn't really new news. We have tested our setup on tracks from Texas to Wisconsin and several states East. The results are predictable. No matter where we go, Pedderised 5th Gens are always the fastest on track.

We'll release another innovative new part for the 5th Gen around SEMA.
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Raymond's Performance FTW!!!
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