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Originally Posted by shank0668 View Post
How about a FIREBIR.......... Never mind.

I'd be in a 2010 TransAm at the moment were it possible.
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Upgraded technology package with a better quality sounding speaker system and Recaro seats as an option.
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Redesign the dash. 7 " touch screen nav. The dash needs a center pillar. Like the vette. TRUNK SPACE!!!! Camaro= 7.9 cf Mustang=13.4. Trunk lid design LOL. Interior design fit and finish. A place to put your elbows when driving long distance.
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right to travel

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Options, Options, Options!!!!!!!

Performance packages for all models ( gears brakes suspension exhaust)

Interior design (body color leather for all colors, infotainment system, seat upgrades, suede)

Basically i would love to be able to shop in the camaro parts bin when ordering any Camaro I.E FE4, brembos on a V6, MR on an SS, etc

looking at the competition they require multiple packages to make there cars similarly equipped as say a 2SS RS. so i dont want to got that route. the job you guys have done so far is awesome.
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The Goose is loose!
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Remove the bowtie and put CAMARO back on the 2012 steering wheel design
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Do NOT bring back the houndstooth interior. Dawgs will suffer needlessly!
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Alot of these ideas are great and i think in alot of our minds. For my input...

I think light color options on the gauges and HUD would be a cool idea but overall i could live without that

I think a v6 performance package would do good with sales for us on a budget. as long as its cheaper than just getting the SS

the sunvisors are nearly useless... i can use them but i'm 6'3 so my heads in the roof anyways, my girlfriend can't even raise her ass up to get her head high enough to make the sunvisor useful. i love its small size so it doesn't stand out and look bad, but with how small it is you could just do without it... so a bigger one would be ideal and actually useful

The infotainment system is a great idea, incorporate more readings into the DIC and the idea of a nav system with a 7" tv would be the best upgrade that would be most used i can think of. (this is probably the one thing i really would of liked to seen as an option)
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right to travel

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release the carbon edition as a appearance package for all models
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How about All-Season tires at least as an option on the 20 inch wheels. Or standard, and make the summer only tires an option.
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Janet....thank you very much for wanting our input...and also that is my wife's name!

I doubt you can say, but I'm really curious to know if you will be prividing feedback on the current Gen or the next gen Camaro. With that in mind I will divide up my responses:

5th Gen:
I realize complaints about weight and visibility will not be changing with the 5th gen as those kinds of changes would warrant a complete re-design to do any significant changes. Intead, here are my ideas that I feel are doable for a 5th gen refresh.

- I like the comments on extendable sun-visors.
- Maybe add "key memory" where the seat and mirrors adjust depending on key used.
- Updates to the 2012 interior are nice (dash, wheel, and adjustable passenger height). I don't think it needs another interior redesign, but if it was possible to somehow integrate some kind of touch screen or nav I can see that drawing interest...although I will also say I wouldn't opt for it myself and I can see how Camaro buyers in general will probably have less interested in that type of tech than say...Cadillac buyers.
- Along those same lines, I think Ford has really taken a nice step with their driver informational center...offering more customization and track "apps". Maybe this would be something that could be done easier than a nav system.
- I also like the comments on offering some sort of performance package for each car. Perhaps include lower gearing (Maybe 3.55s or 3.73s unless you all felt that would be too low), a 1" lowered stance with performance oriented suspension, and anything else that could be beneficial without the package being overly expensive.
- Give us a more extensive GM warrantied performance parts list. This would be great...gears, shorty or long tube headers, and a proper air intake that really adds horsepower over just function.
- I know blue colors have not sold well on this car, but its amazing how many comments my Aqua blue gets. I think if it wasn't for the aqua hue it would have sold much better, even though in the sun light it is very close to jet-stream blue. My recommendation for the most amazing blue color? Stryker blue from the Pontiac G8 or perhaps Jetstream blue, but it seems a bit lighter. Don't offer a light baby blue, or something too dark...keep it medium and people will like it. Throwing in a metallic attribute really makes these cars "pop".
- As far as a design re-fresh, you need look no further than the Leno concept. Everyone loves that design, although it could step on the design of the ZL1 a little much now that it is out.
- Continue to offer the 5 spoke wheel design, but also offer a polished ZL1 "SSX" type wheel option. Everyone wants that wheel so so bad. Think about adding it as a GMPP part, but maybe price it at a point that will actually sell....cause it will sell.
- Offer a rear diffuser very close to the 2009 concept or original Transformers bumble bee look. SLP offers one on their own Camaros and they look simply fantastic. If not that....make it slightly meaner...perhaps longer "fins".
- Offer ZL1 style or ZL1 like rear wing for all to have.

As for the 6th Gen:

- Put it on the alpha just makes sense. Unless you guys have another lightweight platform on your hands...just do it. The thought of a 3,400ish lb V6 with 330+ HP or a 3,500 lbl SS with 420+ HP makes all of us drool.
- It could be smaller, but not a lot smaller...somewhere between 4th and 5th gen size.
- Keep the 2+2 layout, with the aggressively high belt line which gives this car is outstanding road presence. Give it the mean hips and a front end that lets others know this car means buisness. Honestly...really not sure how it can look much better than the 5th gen....Camaro team is going to have one hell of a time with this, but keep the same basic forumula and priciples and it will be fine.
- Tight tire to wheel well.
- Give it a more modern but still unique the very least incorporating the things mentioned for the 5th gen above. Offer something like CUE in the high end trims. If anything, it has to be a sport-ish much as I love the new malibu and Cadillac ATS interiors, this one needs to be a bit more Camaro-esq.
- Last but not least...keep it affordable. Offer a wide range of trims options so your base V6 can begin in the low to mid 20s, but a full decked out SS running up to low-mid 40s.

Sorry for the long response, but you wanted feedback..and now you have mine!
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I'd like to see a performance package for the v6. I really wish for a new blue, Jetstream Blue *cough *cough. Add a red accent option to the car. Like how the inferno orange is, it would be sweet to get it in any body color. Also, make the ambient lighting to be able to change colors.
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For taller guys, be more forthright about actual headroom with or without a sunroof...

I would have purchased one if the actual head clearance was the same as the

models without one...
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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
All - Miss Janet is one of our "12 Disciples of which there are 15" -- she's our "Voice of Corvette" - but has a brand new ZL1 sitting at Oshawa -

The intent of having Disciples is to gather information from the enthusiast community. Each Disciple is known within the community - either as a Webmaster, a Moderator, a Club officer, etc. They're 'out and about' and this is one reason they were selected.

8 men, 7 women -

From around the U.S. and Canada -

All generations of Camaro represented

Firebirds represented

All age groups

-- and I could not be prouder of our Disciples - they are extremely dedicated and represent you very well.
If there's ever a job opening, CALL ME. lol I've got both kidneys, 2 nuts, two arms, 2 legs....basically a spare of almost everything--you just let me know what i have to give in order to get one of those jobs.

But for some serious feedback for the disciples and otherwise:

As said, the Camaro needs a navigation unit. It seems like something you could offer WITH OnStar (other GM vehicles have nav head units?) and also make a good profit. Just saying.

The stock non-nav unit that's in there now truly isn't bad. In fact, it's absolutely brilliant in comparison to the brick radio I had in my Colorado. But when you start to get into the upper echelon of Camaro pricing at $35k, 45k, 55k!!!- for a a ZL1, a proper touchscreen nav device should at least be an expensive option.

Footwell lighting. I see that there's some $500 kit on the ZL1 that does some kind of trick lighting, but I'm talking about 2 light bulbs, one for each footwell, that comes on with the dome lights. It would be awesome if you could make them LED, but to keep expense down, how about 2 regular incandescents, el-cheapo bulb sockets, and some wire going to the BCM? If you want to go overboard, put a light bulb in the glove box. I'd be willing to pay an extra $50 for a "get more than a dome light" option. I live in the Northwest. It's dark up here

The option for a passenger side auto-dimming side mirror. Once again, at $55k, or even $35k it's kind of weird that the left mirror and rear-view mirror are, but then the one on the right isn't. I'd pay extra for it.

Some would argue that none of this stuff should even be in a Camaro, but it is, and most of us are hooked. Speaking of hooked, I had a 2011 Yukon for the weekend and I'm in love with the heated seats that are available in those GMT's. 3 adjustable temperature levels, with the option for seat-back, butt-cushion, or both. I don't think GM wants to rework the dash to put that different control in for the Camaro, but they ARE cool, and I think you might have an appreciative audience. The butt-warmers in my Camaro are decent, but they kind of lack the amount of control I'd be used to in a "driver's car."

A revised brake fluid cap. I don't know if this has been fixed after 2011, but mine, and apparently many other Camaros suffer from a poorly sealing master brake/clutch cylinder cap. The only fix seems to keep trying new caps, visit after visit to the dealer. Meanwhile, I've had fluid leak down the reservoir and strip the paint off the vacuum cylinder. It looks like a tiny bit managed to hit the paint on the apron inside the fender. Not cool. I pop the hood to check it and wipe up every week at least.

Another wish of mine is that the DRL's are either dual-purpose lamps that also serve as a driving lamp with a separate control, or the DRL's are moved to the flashers (orange). Most people have to ask and don't understand why their car has "fog lights" (ok, they're not fog lights, truthfully, they're driving lamps) and there's no switch to turn them on/off

Those are the only things I can think of....mostly very minor....I'm still in LOVE with my SS and am so proud of GM and how far they've come with the latest iteration of "man's best friend" in the form of a car.
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Cup holders in a better place, but have worked around it.
Sunvisor can be a tad bigger, but have raised my seat to make them work.
Instead of telling me when I am low and having to know my mileage, tell me I am low on gas but keep the Distance to Empty displaying?

And really all these are MINOR, would I buy another if you don't make changes...HECK YEA!

(Actually going to, wife wants 45th anniv convertible.)
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