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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
All - Miss Janet is one of our "12 Disciples of which there are 15" -- she's our "Voice of Corvette" - but has a brand new ZL1 sitting at Oshawa -

The intent of having Disciples is to gather information from the enthusiast community. Each Disciple is known within the community - either as a Webmaster, a Moderator, a Club officer, etc. They're 'out and about' and this is one reason they were selected.

8 men, 7 women -

From around the U.S. and Canada -

All generations of Camaro represented

Firebirds represented

All age groups

-- and I could not be prouder of our Disciples - they are extremely dedicated and represent you very well.
If there's ever a job opening, CALL ME. lol I've got both kidneys, 2 nuts, two arms, 2 legs....basically a spare of almost everything--you just let me know what i have to give in order to get one of those jobs.

But for some serious feedback for the disciples and otherwise:

As said, the Camaro needs a navigation unit. It seems like something you could offer WITH OnStar (other GM vehicles have nav head units?) and also make a good profit. Just saying.

The stock non-nav unit that's in there now truly isn't bad. In fact, it's absolutely brilliant in comparison to the brick radio I had in my Colorado. But when you start to get into the upper echelon of Camaro pricing at $35k, 45k, 55k!!!- for a a ZL1, a proper touchscreen nav device should at least be an expensive option.

Footwell lighting. I see that there's some $500 kit on the ZL1 that does some kind of trick lighting, but I'm talking about 2 light bulbs, one for each footwell, that comes on with the dome lights. It would be awesome if you could make them LED, but to keep expense down, how about 2 regular incandescents, el-cheapo bulb sockets, and some wire going to the BCM? If you want to go overboard, put a light bulb in the glove box. I'd be willing to pay an extra $50 for a "get more than a dome light" option. I live in the Northwest. It's dark up here

The option for a passenger side auto-dimming side mirror. Once again, at $55k, or even $35k it's kind of weird that the left mirror and rear-view mirror are, but then the one on the right isn't. I'd pay extra for it.

Some would argue that none of this stuff should even be in a Camaro, but it is, and most of us are hooked. Speaking of hooked, I had a 2011 Yukon for the weekend and I'm in love with the heated seats that are available in those GMT's. 3 adjustable temperature levels, with the option for seat-back, butt-cushion, or both. I don't think GM wants to rework the dash to put that different control in for the Camaro, but they ARE cool, and I think you might have an appreciative audience. The butt-warmers in my Camaro are decent, but they kind of lack the amount of control I'd be used to in a "driver's car."

A revised brake fluid cap. I don't know if this has been fixed after 2011, but mine, and apparently many other Camaros suffer from a poorly sealing master brake/clutch cylinder cap. The only fix seems to keep trying new caps, visit after visit to the dealer. Meanwhile, I've had fluid leak down the reservoir and strip the paint off the vacuum cylinder. It looks like a tiny bit managed to hit the paint on the apron inside the fender. Not cool. I pop the hood to check it and wipe up every week at least.

Another wish of mine is that the DRL's are either dual-purpose lamps that also serve as a driving lamp with a separate control, or the DRL's are moved to the flashers (orange). Most people have to ask and don't understand why their car has "fog lights" (ok, they're not fog lights, truthfully, they're driving lamps) and there's no switch to turn them on/off

Those are the only things I can think of....mostly very minor....I'm still in LOVE with my SS and am so proud of GM and how far they've come with the latest iteration of "man's best friend" in the form of a car.
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Cup holders in a better place, but have worked around it.
Sunvisor can be a tad bigger, but have raised my seat to make them work.
Instead of telling me when I am low and having to know my mileage, tell me I am low on gas but keep the Distance to Empty displaying?

And really all these are MINOR, would I buy another if you don't make changes...HECK YEA!

(Actually going to, wife wants 45th anniv convertible.)
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Ok so the ZL1 fulfills the peak pricing point for a Camaro. Now we need something for those of us that subscribe to the belief that a Camaro is a poor mans Vette. Give us a simple, not state-of-the-art ZL1 type car, that is balanced, has a reasonable weight, good HP, and runs like a pony car should. Who needs leather, heated seats, even spoilers and ground effects. Give me a reasonably priced performance car without the luxury items that can stomp a BOSS 302.

Yes, a Z28 would do, maybe even a 1LE race package! 4th gens had the right idea with the Z28 vs the SS. Bring back the hand window cranks if you must, but give us a car that bang for the buck is all Camaro.

I loved it when I could say mustang never made a faster factory car than camaro. Of course this is arguable.
2012 2LT 45th Anniversary Edition ~ Solocus

Delivered 9-29-2011 exactly 45 years to the day from the
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Firmware upgrade to existing HUD owners and future SS/2LT/HUD retrofit owners so they also get the G-Meter and Shift lights as the ZL1. I believe it's called "format 4".

Dual mode exhaust option on the SS (like the Vettes and ZL1 both have).

Cooled seats optional across the board (I personally would pick cooled seats over heated and I bet most users on here would also)

..and build the 1LE/Z28 with a slight power bump but still 6.2 and N/A as Old Jedi said I think in the other (ZL1) input thread.
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Thanks everyone, please keep them coming.

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yes to the memory seats and larger visor. No way to narrow down that A pillar?
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guys, you need to think of realistic constructive criticism for the current Camaro
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I would say a switch to allow RS cars to have their fogs come on
Trying to think of other stuff, kind of hard since the Camaro has it all.
Ill let you know what I come up with Janet
Consult your doctor before taking Camaro
Side effects include Sudden increase in Heart Rate, Insomnia and occasional hallucinations
If you experience Permagrin exceeding 4 hours after taking Camaro, seek immediate Camaro5 Help
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My car is on order so all I have is a few test drives to go by, but to echo what some other people have said (in case these suggestions are getting tallied)

- improve the sunvisors. They are strange and look out of place.

- please bring back some sort of blue. Something light like the aqua color in 2010. Its time was too short.

- some more personalization to the car would be nice. Bring back the word "Camaro" on the steering wheel. And incorporate the red, white, and blue Camaro emblem somewhere again perhaps.
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The one think I dislike about my 2011 SS is The Onstar "shark fin" !

How about a "Onstar Delete" option ?

I also got a 1SS because I didnt like the look of the backup sensors and didnt want HUD. But why cant a 1SS buyer get the 4 pack gauages or leather seats as a option from the factory ?
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Hi Janet, First off I love my 2010 SS/RS. The items I would like added or improved on are:
I really would like the 20" wheels to have a chrome option.
The DRL's would have a dual option
Brake shoes that don't make so much dust

Thanks Brian
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Cue System please.
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Originally Posted by Janet View Post
The Camaro Disciples will be meeting in a few weeks & I would like your input.

I do NOT want any OLD complaints. The Camaro Team are well aware of problems & take your complaints very seriously.

I am looking for your wishes, dreams and any changes you would like. Remember that most changes come with trade offs, $ cost or weight. What would you like me to present to the Camaro Team?

Navigation system!

Like others who asked, a RECARO seat option like in CTS-V.. You would be surprised how many would pay the $3000 upgrade!
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Alpha platform
Z/28 with better suspension (e.g. 1LE) with either a 5.0L DI/VVT or a 3.6L twin turbo
Factory gear options
New Ride -- 2015 Z06 2LZ (stock) -- Journal
Old Ride -- 2012 Camaro 2LT/RS (647 RWHP & 726 RWTQ) -- Build Thread
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Real sun visors or at least dark tint on upper portion of windshield. "Standard"

"OH Shit" handles on both sides. "Standard"

Limited Slip for Automatic V-6 RS "Standard"

Chrome 20's "optional"

NO Onstar "optional"

Shark fin same color as car "standard" if onstar installed

Better floor mats "optional"

Elbo rest built into door panel "standard"

Switch to make the "Fog Lights/DTR Lights" come on w/low beams-on RS "standard"

Interior release "only" for gas lid. "Standard"

Program the windows to drop as soon as and as long as you are touching the door handle(if the doors are unlocked) "standard"

There's tons more but that'll do for now. Just in case you wonder I love the 12' Camaro I have now.
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ZL600 FK
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Originally Posted by mlee View Post
It's pretty much a given that a Blue color has to surface again...

Jetstream Blue gets my vote..

and the OPTION to add Navigation like the Vette's
Ditto the Navigation/climate control
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Hugger Orange....Real Camaro Color.

Dual Zone Heat & A/C, like most $45K GM Cars & Trucks have. Was almost a deal breaker, cause Wifey is always too HOT.

Push Button Start. Get rid of the VW key, use the Vette Fob.

Thanks for asking for our input........

I forgot about the Wart. Please gid rid of the wart like they did on the 06 Vettes......

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