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Drives: Camaro ZL1 2013
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Need help and tips for EU Conversion

Hello everyone here at the forum.
I am not just new here at the forum, I am also the new owner of a wonderful 2011 2SS Camaro Convertible....
For several years I have been looking at the 5th gen camaro and now the step is taken. The prices for US cars Sweden are ridiculous so I decided to make the import myself. I know that the car will arrive soon in a European version, but that price will also be crazy!

Anyway, where is the best place to search for new friend with the same interest and experience... here off course!

Is there any one here that can share there work with how to make the conversion so the car will pass registration? For example how to make the wiring with amber turn signal in the rear!
I like to ask for help "before" I make something stupid and learn the hard way.

I know that there are thousands of cars in countrys all over the world, so there must be a numerous of different way to connect and wire this.
Can someone please help me out?
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Old 02-23-2012, 03:28 AM   #2
Drives: 2012 Camaro EU version (V8)
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Hello and welcome!
Viring is simple job, any car electrician can do it in an hour - better leave that for them if you don't have an idea what to do and it seem's to me you don't
However, I'm afraid there's other things that could make the job hard...
Now, I don't know about the laws in your country, but regarding ones in mine I have decided to buy EU version although it's double the price...
The thing is, in my country there's only 10 days time from import date to pay customs, taxes etc.
And I can't pay any of that until I do "homologation" or whatever it's name - basicaly technical examination that comfirms that car is up to EU standards.
If I don't make it all in 10 days car goes back where it came from, and I am ending with a huge fine for breaking customs laws, illegal import etc.
And it's 10 calendar days, not the 10 working days.
There simple isn't enough time to do all that they require:

1. Change control panel cluster. Max. speed must be on the end of the speed dial, in km/h.
2. Rearview mirrors must fold.
3. "Cat's Eyes" must be installed on rear bumper
4. Complete change of original US rear lights becouse they are "all red" ??!
5. Must have rear fog lights
6. Rear side lights colour must be amber not red, and they and fwd side lights must blink as directional indicators.
7. Engine emission up to Euro V standard.

To avoid the drama I bought EU version 2012. And it was right thing to do, you know why?
Not becouse of better suspension...
Although I payed ridiculous ammount of money compared to US price, it was a vise decision becouse right at the time when my import car was due to arrive (should I choose to buy it directly in US) Chevy dealership started selling EU version. Not a single unit was succesfuly imported directly from US since that day.
So, be careful. If they are selling EU version in your country allready, it might prove difficult to pass that technical examination...
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Old 02-26-2012, 10:14 PM   #3
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Čestitamo na novi Camaro. Znam da su ceste u Hrvatskoj izgleda puno ljepše kroz vjetrobransko staklo svog novog automobila. Oprosti moje loše hrvatsko, ja još uvijek učim jezik.
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