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One more tonneau........

I hate to drive on the highway with the top down as all that material flying around scares me, and I don't use my tonneau cover because the couple of times I did it almost pulled loose and flew out (I have the one that clips on with plastic tabs on the bolts)
So I have seen several different threads that people have submitted, like Velcro strips and elastic tie downs. So what is the ultimate solution?
Can somebody point me in the direction of the modification that will most secure that cover and allow me to feel secure that it won't fly away?
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Drives: 2014 Yellow RS Vert
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I have not experienced this problem in my 2014 vert and I use it a lot. It may be that it is tighter between the seat back and the top when I tuck in the leading edge of the tonneau cover. If that flap stays in it should not get air under the cover. Perhaps there is a way to make the front tonneau flap fatter adding some self stick foam to the underside.
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I've got a 2015 and not experienced any issues. Mine has the elastic bands that are used to secure it to the back seat. After I tuck the little wings that are attached to the body of the cover, it all seems real secure.
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The OP has the original tonneau cover which secures different than what Yknjack and GodWentPunk have. There are a few threads to convert the older clip on style to the bungee/post type.
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I've had my 2011 for 5 years and always use the tonneau cover (with the v-cut plastic clips) and have never even come close to having it come off. Just check it to make sure it is securely fastened they way it was designed.
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I had some minor buffeting when I first installed my tonneau cover, but after buying a wind deflector from Love The Drive all was good, nor more problems.

At high (legal) speed, the combination of deflector and putting the windows up pretty much eliminated any movement of the cover.

Just to make sure, I did add a few strips of Velcro at the front centre of the cover. I've never had any movement of the cover since.

Hope this helps,

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Old 10-25-2016, 04:40 PM   #7
B-52 Guns
B-52 Guns
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2011 2SS/RS. I was concerned about the clips also. Told my dealer it was a safety issue so they gave me the newer one with the bands. That was about 3 years ago...
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This may be the most helpful thread on modifying the tonneau cover with the tabs. The OP posted elaborate pics with explanations and instructions.
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