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Maybe if someone on here that uses twitter can give him some advice/help before he butchers up a camaro!/whereispauljr
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Don't be surprised if the PJD limited edition cars are all sold.....after winning the recent bike build-off by popular vote with his P-51 Mustang entry

Rumor is Jesse James is also working on a limited edition turbocharged Camaro concept car

Guess where this is heading......

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Originally Posted by motorhead View Post
I don't know. I've seen some rides that look far worse than Paul's camaro. I really don't understand all the anger here. There have been many of these cars done to date and most of them don't look the best for what they are trying to get for them. I for one think it looks pretty bad ass. Not 80grand bad ass ,but hey, I bet someone buys it......
yeah.... maybe a FREE bad @ss! Please don't let him do a SRT8 car........

I also agree with the spoiled kid comment made earlier. He has nothing to cry about......... his dad should have fired his spoiled @ss long before he finally did. BTW, this is not hating...... just commenting on a situation that doesn't happen to a normal working stiff. Most of us have to work like hell (including ot) just to keep our sub-pay jobs, never-the-less make millions coming and going as we please.
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Originally Posted by SSTG View Post
I love PJD, but if that's the car? He might want to stick to bike building.
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That car just plain sucks. Horrible.

What's with the bat shield stuck on the plastic grill? really? That's the best you could do?

My 11 yr old kid could have done better than that.

Looks like that car took all of 1 day of design and fabricate, certainly not very good work/effort.

For $84k you would think nubs would have at least put some quality paint work into it. His paint work makes most of jr's things really something to look at honestly.

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Old 03-20-2012, 01:56 PM   #188
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Originally Posted by Xmicro_SS View Post
Agreed, it does. But I can tell by some people's reviews that they would have hated anything PJD does. Those are the haters. But whoever said there are much better cars from the owners on C5 is dead on. I have seen works of art on here. You Camaro owners love the car so much, that passion is hard to beat when working on a car. Just to get paid to design something will never look as good as something designed by an owner that truly loves their car.
I don't like the car, but I love Paul Jr.'s work. Better than Paul Sr.'s IMO.

I think if he had the proper amount of time to really work on it, it would be amazing!
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Vengeance Graphix

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not digging it
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PJD Camaro

One word..... FUGLY!!! Jr. Needs to stick to building bikes and never, never, never work on cars again, unless of course he wants to screw up a mustang. That would be okay by me!
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Old 03-20-2012, 02:01 PM   #191
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that paint job is FIRE! outside of that WAMP
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My mother said if i can't say anything nice not to say anything at all.

I guess I won't say anything.
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Just Like His Bikes...

It's not his fault...OCC stuff is the same and that's where he came from.

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it's been jeweled....., with all that sparkle i think im gonna name it edward
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